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17 February 2015
Barista Face Off: Jolie Beckett vs Simone König
In our second Barista Face Off, we pit two baristas against each other whose sweet iced signature drinks caught our eye.
This week Simone König from Germany takes on Jolie Beckett from Australia in a question of wit and knowledge.
In our second Barista Face Off, we pit two baristas against each other whose sweet iced Signature Drinks caught our eye.

Jolie's signature drink includes jasmine sugar syrup and caramelised balsamic vinegar, while Simone added raw coconut oil to her sweet natural coffee.

Two baristas; five questions

Now, we see how their answers measure up in our Barista Face Off!

Simone König from Germany vs. Jolie Beckett from Australia


How do you take your coffee?

Jolie: I like a short-long black, which in Australia is about 60ml of hot water with a double espresso. 1

Simone: By myself, first thing in the morning. It has to be a large portion, in small sips, black and in a glass. With a view would be nice. 1

Most awkward moment in your coffee career?

J: On a day off I received a call saying a grinder had blown up and stopped working. I sent it to be fixed without checking it myself, only to be told that the grind just needed adjusting – I was a little red-faced about that! 1

S: When taking part in barista competitions, you turn into an awkward person: suddenly you see yourself wearing Mickey Mouse gloves, while arranging glasses and cups in parallel lines and then you almost have a nervous breakdown when someone unpacks his lunch next to the polished glassware on your cart… weird side of a barista career. 0

Rock or electronic?

J: Rock (with a little bit of country) 0

S: It’s got to be HipHop. I’m sorry – the only way, though I do have a grungy youth background! 1

Who do you most admire?

J: I mostly only admire people I know, but if I was going to pick someone well-known it would be Amelia Earhart for her ability to be true to herself and determination. 1

S: People that surround me every day, my best friends, people I work with, because everyone follows their own path and I can learn a lot on the way from everyone. My secret admiration goes out to Kelly Slater the pro surfer. Or for all surfers. Living by the perfect wave, wow! 0

What advice would you offer to people new to the world of speciality coffee?

J: Take your time and get to know coffee slowly. There is an overwhelming amount to learn and I have found it a competitive industry at times, but you can’t really worry too much about what other people are doing – you just have to get on with your own journey. 1

S: Find a spot that’s right for you and your creativity. And once you’ve found it, don’t stop learning from others. Cause we are all sometimes teachers, always students. 1

Winner: Jolie, with 4 points!

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