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30 November 2015
Bloom Twins: An Interview

It's time to announce the second act that will be playing at The London Coffee Festival 2016, Bloom Twins. Merging several genres and adding flute, harmonica, piano and electronica to their haunting melodies, the duo made a double impact on both the music and fashion scene after uploding thier debut track Fahrenheit to YouTube in 2013.

We sat down with them to find out more...

What can visitors to The London Coffee Festival expect from your set? 

Two spooky twins in black and our drummer, Paul Love. We'll tell you stories about what's happened to us and the people we love.
How would you describe your sound?
It’s dark pop. A mixture of bitter and sweet, electronic and acoustic. 

How did Bloom Twins begin?
It all started when we moved to London. Nothing has been the same since. It's what our first song, Fahrenheit is all about. 

You’re identical twins, so the second part of your name's quite self-explanatory! Where does the ‘Bloom’ part come from?
We decided to use it as the word 'bloom' has connotations of being young and pure. 
Do you ever get mistaken for each other?
All the time. Even our dad can get confused about who’s who!
You incorporate flute, harmonica and piano into your music. Who plays what?
Tshh.. Can’t tell you. You’d have to guess.
What inspires your music?
All of our songs tell a story. Some people prefer to write their thoughts and feelings down in a diary...we like to put them into songs. 

Having been featured in titles such as Vogue and ID magazine, you’ve become known not only for your music, but also your sense of fashion. How would you describe your style?
Our style is a reflection of our music. Dark, but with sweet notes.
Where do you usually go to update your wardrobes?
We either go to high-street shops or visit designers that we love. We recently went to see Sonia Rykiel and absolutely loved everything we saw. Or we pop into AllSaints or Topshop
What – if any – would be your coffee of choice? 
We love a little Australian coffee shop in our neighbourhood called Shot Espresso. Delicious coffee and amazing people. We also love Grind & Co.
Which three ingredients would you simply have to include in a signature drink?
Double espresso, good soy milk, cinnamon. 
If you could play a set anywhere in the world, where would it be and why?
It's too difficult to choose...we'd love to play everywhere! Every single country, city and all kinds of venues. 
What’s next for Bloom Twins? 
Firstly our tour, which is so exciting as we'll get the chance to explore the UK!  Then the release of an EP.

Make sure you see Bloom Twins perform by buying your ticket to the London Coffee Festival, 2016 here.

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