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11 December 2017
Christmassy Coffees

gift a loved one (or yourself) these delightfully festive blends, brought to you by some of the uk's coolest roasters


der meister brew pack,CARAVAN COFFEE ROASTERs






One for the big boys. Includes...

  • Chemex
  • Filter papers
  • Baratza Encore grinder
  • Matt black kinto pour-over kettle
  • White acaia pearl scales
  • Kinto bottlit glass coffee storage jar
  • 6 x Acme tulip cups & saucers
  • 6 x Caravan teaspoons
  • 350g bag of Xmas Bru coffee, roasted to suit both espresso and filter brewing

TASTING NOTES: red current, salted caramel & nutmeg

the winter selection, union hand-roasted coffee





3 x 200g bags of Single Origin coffees from Brazil, Rwanda and Ethiopia, presented in a Union gift box and delivered straight to your door. Coffees include:

  • Bobolink, Brazil 
TASTING NOTES: morello cherry, macadamia & milk chocolate


  • Maraba, Rwanda 
TASTING NOTES: sweet ripe fruits, toffee & caramel ice cream
  • Yayu Wild Forest, Ethiopia (Union's newest single origin blend, from the Wild Coffee Forest in Ethiopia where the roaster works with The Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew and The Darwin Initiative to preserve the wild coffee forests there.

TASTING NOTES: citrus and marzipan

Grumpy Yule Socks Box,grumpy mule





It wouldn’t be Christmas without a Christmas pudding. Or a pair of festive socks. Fortunately, Grumpy Mule has the solution. Gift box includes:

  • A pair of Grumpy Mule socks (adult size 5-10. Black with orange toes & heels. Featuring Grumpy Mule logo in white on the outside ankle and ‘Stay’ ‘Grumpy’ on the soles, also in white)
  • Special edition Grumpy Yule Christmas coffee, sourced from co-operatives in Ethiopia, Peru and Sumatra

TASTING NOTES: roasted a little darker to give a sweet, boozy, chocolate and dried fruit flavour. Christmas pudding in a coffee cup!


christmas blend, ALLPRESS ESPRESSo

£8, 250g


Inspired by fire and its ability to make people gather. Perfect for all brew methods – whether you’re huddled near a cosy log fire in England, a classic Aussie BBQ or a bonfire on the beach in NZ.

TASTING NOTES: Ethiopia brings hints of berry fruit and, when blended with Guatemala and Sumatra, a cocoa and sweet spice finish


christmas blend,OZONE COFFEE ROASTERs

£10, 250g


Ozone's 2017 Christmas Blend design is with thanks to the musings of London artist, Stevie Gee. With his distinctive psychedelic-slacker-goofball style, Stevie has created award-winning design and illustration work extensively for the music, fashion and art worlds for the last 15 years.

'We pumped him full of our coffee, let him loose with a box of Sharpies and waited with baited breath for the creation of this banging character, Chris Cracker,’ says Ozone.

TASTING NOTES: milk chocolate, lavender & raspberry


christmas cupping box, climpson's & sons


Develop your palate and tasting abilities with Climpson’s Christmas cupping box. Includes:

  • Climpson’s cupping spoon
  • 33 cups of coffee tasting notebook
  • 1 x 250g bag Broadway Blend Seasonal Espresso
  • 1 x 250 bag The Fields – Las Lajas, Costa Rica
  • 3 x 50g samples of Bifdu Gudina – Ethiopia, Slopes of 8 – Kenya and Cafetalera Fernandez – Panama
  • Plus, a range of cards for each coffee with tasting and farm notes

plus: editor's choice



v60 copper bundle,hario


If you're going to be indulging in all this glorious coffee, then you're going to need something equally spectacular to brew it with. Enter Hario's V60 copper bundle. Yep, nothing says Christmas like the twinkle of copper, but this elegant set is definitely not just for Christmas. Here's what's included:

  • 1x V60 Copper Dripper
  • 1x copper Buono Drip Kettle
  • 1x heatproof Olive Wood Coffee Server 600ml
  • 1x copper scoop
  • 2x 100 paper filters   ​

And don't forget to top it all off with a ticket to London Coffee Festival. Early Bird tickets are still available — click here to buy yours now!

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