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09 February 2018
The heritage of a visionary


Since Giuseppe Cimbali opened his first Milan workshop in 1912, Gruppo Cimbali hasn’t stopped innovating. But one thing has never changed; at the very core of the brand is ‘Made in Italy,’ the ethos that has guided them to brilliance. Here, we take a look at La Cimbali’s lustrous heritage, how they got there, and what’s next.


There’s nothing more compelling than a brand that’s managed to stay ahead of the game for over a century. Having opened his first Milan workshop in 1912, it was in 1930 when Cimbali’s first coffee machine – the Rapida – was born. Since then, the group, which also owns FAEMA, Casadio and now Slayer, has been responsible for countless coffee icons (including the FAEMA E61), that dictate the best in coffee technology today.

Heritage on this scale needs celebrating. So, in 2012, designed by architect Paolo Balzanelli and engineer Valerio Cometti, MUMAC was conceived. With a jaw-dropping bright red exterior inspired by wafts of coffee rising from a cup, and over 100 coffee machines and 15,000 historic documents on exhibition inside the 2000m2 space, this coffee machine museum is, by our standards, epic. No wonder there’s been nearly 25,000 visitors since 2012. So what’s new?


Technology heart, human mind
Five years on in October 2017, a temporary exhibition, Technology heart, human mind, opened in Hangar Room 100 at MUMAC. It’s here where you can pierce to the heart of the La Cimbali universe, and the symbol of ‘Made in Italy’.

Drawing together the dual essence of the La Cimbali brand – technological innovation and the people who design, develop and employ such technology – the exhibition is a sensory exploration.  Set in an immersive room, with curtains and signature red lighting, the experience is designed to be kaleidoscopic and sensory, focusing on four narrative blocks: heritage, design and innovation, technology, and the senses.

“Technology heart, human mind, is a journey in the vibrant and creative core of La Cimbali,” says Simona Colombo, Communications and Marketing Director of the Cimbali Group. “It is a multi-voiced project that deserves to be visited with patience, stepping lightly right into the immersive room, the synthesis of a brand that looks into the future.”
Visitors can access the past, present and future of the La Cimbali brand; from customers to employees, the internet and coffee, technology and innovation itself. With interactive display cases, video mapping techniques, next-level latte art experiences and an inside look at the design process of the new S30 super automatic machine, it’s holistic and engaging, no matter your level of coffee knowledge.
Catch Technology heart, human mind at The MUMAC before 30 April 2018. Visit


MUMAC Academy
The past leads onto the future, and La Cimbali has confronted the years to come with its own educational project.  In order to propel the coffee conversation forward and inspire future pioneers, the MUMAC Academy was formed alongside the opening of the coffee machine museum in 2012. Dedicated to learning and innovation, the academy is open to all, but it has become an international point of reference for the specialists, baristas and roasters who train there. With thoughts of the future at the forefront of its mind, the academy is there to detect and practise new trends in coffee and taste in general.
Fancy seeing the latest innovations from the La Cimbali team? Don’t forget to stop by the La Cimbali Benchmark Bar and Sensory Bar at The London Coffee Festival; an exclusive partnership bringing the most incredible coffees to the bar.

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