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18 January 2018
The plant-based revolution

Going nuts for plant-based alternatives? Alpro for Professionals is leading the charge. We look at how it's helping baristas keep up-to-date and innovate as orders for almond, soya and coconut lattes pour in.

Alpro for Professionals and Coffee Masters go back a long way; with Coconut For Professionals and Almond For Professionals being publicly showcased for the first time on the Coffee Masters stage in 2016 and 2017 respectively, it’s kind of a thing.  This year, the full plant-based trilogy – including Soya For Professionals – will take to the Coffee Masters stage, as 20 of the world’s top baristas battle it out for the win. But what’s this plant-based thing all about?
The plant-based switch
Wellbeing is the defining trend of the decade, and consumers are opting more and more for plant-based food. Dietary intolerance or not, people are eating more fruit, vegetables, pulses and nuts, in a bid to do good not only for their health, but the planet, too. Now, almost two in three consumers (62%) consider it important that their local coffee shop has more than one plant-based choice on offer. No surprise, then, that there’s been a rise in demand for plant-based products out of the home, with an increasingly impressive range available, and it’s quickly becoming easier to eat and drink out without having to compromise.


Supporting baristas 
With vegan brunches, rainbow health lattes, and plant-based alternatives on the chalk board, baristas are seeking innovative, high-quality products to match the switch. Alpro are market-leaders in providing plant-based consumers with extensive home product ranges, but they are now keeping baristas well-stocked, too. Alpro For Professionals, launched to support baristas, so that they can offer consumers the luxury of choice.
Every great barista needs high-performance products; 100% derived from plants, the Alpro For Professionals range is formed to be ultra-flexible, producing high-quality micro foam and a glossy texture (latte art specialists and Instagrammers, take note).  It’s natural flavour means that consumers can get all the taste they’re looking for without the need for lashings of syrups and sugar. What’s more? Alpro has market-leading sustainability credentials; aligning it genuinely with a good for body and planet ethos. 
Can’t wait until The London Coffee Festival to see it in action? Here are six recipes you can try in your cafe in the run up to the big event…

Tumeric and Coconut latte



200ml Alpro Coconut For Professionals
1 level tsp round turmeric
1/4 tsp ground cinnamon
1/4 tsp ground ginger
1-2 shots of espresso
1. Add the powdered turmeric, ginger and cinnamon to a latte glass, mix with 30ml hot water.
2. Add the espresso. 
3. Steam the Alpro Coconut For Professionals to 65 degrees celsius. 
4. Pour over the mixture and serve. 

Soya Heaven in a cup



100 ml Alpro Soya ‘For Professionals’
1 shot espresso
75 ml white chocolate syrup
Optional chocolate powder to garnish

1. Pour white chocolate syrup and freshly
made espresso into a coffee cup.
2. Pour the Alpro Soya ‘For Professionals’
into a silver milk jug.
3. Using the steam wand, stretch the product
to ¼ volume to a temperature of 65°C.
4. Add Alpro Soya ‘For Professionals’ to the
chocolate syrup and espresso.
5. Serve with an optional sprinkle of
chocolate powder.

Cold brew Almond Chai



200 ml Alpro Almond ‘For Professionals’
4 g Chai tea

1. Add the Chai tea mix to the Alpro Almond
‘For Professionals’ and let stand for
8 hours in the refrigerator.
2. Strain the tea and spices out. Use a paper
filter or fine sieve.
3. Serve in a glass, optionally with ice cubes.

Matcha Soya Frappe



200ml Alpro Soya For Professionals
1tbsp sugar free vanilla syrup
1 heaped tsp Matcha green tea powder
1-2 shots of espresso
1 scoop of ice
1. Place the Match powder, syrup, Alpro Soya For Professionals, espresso and ice into a blender and pulse until smooth. 
2. Pour into a tall glass to serve. 

Coconut Fudge Latte



275 ml Alpro Coconut ‘For Professionals’
20 g sugar free caramel syrup
A pinch of salt
1 espresso
Salty caramel fudge flakes
(for 1 cup 330 ml)

1. Add syrup to a cup.
2. Brew a fresh espresso.
3. Froth Alpro Coconut ‘For Professionals’
to 65°C and add it to the espresso.
4. Top with fudge flakes.

Almond Mocha




135ml Alpro Almond For Professionals
1 espresso
20g milk chocolate callers
1. Place the chocolate-callers in preheated cappuccino cup and pour the espresso all over it. 
2. Stir until the chocolate is completely melted. 
3. Foam Alpro Almond For Professionals to a maximum of 60 degrees celsius and pour over the espresso. 

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