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26 March 2019
Loveramics' Design Philosophy

Good coffee needs a good cup - that’s why we’re pleased to welcome British tableware brand Loveramics as our official partner this year. We caught up with designer Simon Stevens to chat about the company’s cutting-edge designs.

Tell us about Loveramics' design philosophy - what's the DNA of your cup design?
Our goal is to develop innovative and stunning tableware that put ceramics front and centre. I’m please to be working with such a longstanding brand - 54 years and 3 generations of experience! - that has such a razor-sharp design philosophy: crafting contemporary pieces that are beautiful yet highly functional.

The cups feature a continuous curve that provides the right profile to release the aroma of espresso and aid latte art pouring, giving them both a great aesthetic and practical dimension.

The thick walls of the keep also help to keep the optimal coffee temperature. Their ergonomic handles also make them perfectly stackable, saving valuable space whilst looking neat.

Can you tell us about the material of Loveramics cups? What makes them so durable?
The experienced craftsmen working on the heads use traditional practices and quality materials; Loveramics’ porcelain is fired to 1300°C, which is what makes it extremely durable and strong. Every piece is hand-dipped and covered with a real glass glaze to ensure the ceramics are extra resistant to stains, chipping, and compliant with international food safety standards.
Why do you think cup design is such an important part of the coffee experience?
The right vessel is so integral to the entire experience. The right cup helps to enhance the flavour of the coffee, increases the perceived aromas and optimises the overall sensory experience.

What do people often get wrong about cup design, and what would you like to tell them?
Aesthetically pleasant doesn’t mean non-functional - a beautiful cup can be practical, too. Also, the cup has to be of the right thickness in order to keep the optimal temperature… not enough people think about this!
What are you most looking forward to at Coffee Masters?
Loveramics are sponsoring the cups for the Coffee Masters, so I’ll be looking forward to seeing the best baristas from around the world using our cups. It’s such a thrill to see your work come to life onstage.

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