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A Look at Loveramics' New Reactive Glaze

05 February 2020

Loveramics have been cultivating their craft of ceramic tableware for over half a century. 

It's why you've probably seen their distinctive tulip and egg designs throughout our festival, and why we're delighted that they'll be returning as our official cup for Coffee Masters™

Loveramic cups used at Coffee Masters™ 2019 

With a thick body to keep drinks insulated, a continuous curved design to enhance the release of aromas and aid latte art pouring, and visually striking hand-dipped glaze, these cups are perfect for a high-stakes, live coffee event such as Coffee Masters™.

But at the tail-end of last year the Hong Kong-born brand upped their visual allure with a series of new Potters, or 'reactive' colours. Having already experimented with a reactive glaze in 2017 with the Granite, Caramel and Gunpowder colourways, now a vast and vibrant mix of glazes have come to light, from Berry to Buttercup and more. 




Potters colours are made by blending two types of glazes, which react together in the kiln (at 1300c!), forming a variety of crystals and glaze runs. Given that everything at Loveramics is dipped by hand, and that each type of glaze has its own melting temperature and flow rate, every piece is made with an element of surprise and distinctive in its own way. 



Importantly, sustainable practice remains crucial in Loveramics' production, as workers make use of on-site water recycling plant and ensure that surplus heat energy from the kilns is reused in other manufacturing processes. 





Loveramics' new Reactive range is available in Berry, Rose, Buttercup, Basil, Ice Blue, Night Sky & Ivory. Get a closer look at the Brewed By Hand stand at The London Coffee Festival.

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