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15 September 2021
La Marzocco Launch New Bespoke Espresso Machine Studio
Before there was La Marzocco, there was Officine Fratelli Bambi - a workshop dedicated to craftsmanship and artistry.  Now, La Marzocco are bringing back the workshop to offer a new level of tailormade and exclusivity in the manufacture of modern espresso machines. 

Since its birth in 1927, La Marzocco has been making fabulous machines by hand, passing on traditional expertise and manufacturing know-how from generation to generation. Pursuing excellence through innovation, La Marzocco were the first to create a horizontal boiler in 1939 that is now recognised as a staple throughout the coffee industry. Now Officine Fratelli Bambi offers a new place where pioneers can bring their vision to life and journey into the frontier, where renowned engineering meets impeccable design. Each exceptional part comes together to create a seamless whole, with every detail engineered for an unmatched brewing experience, in pursuit of perfection.  

Officine Fratelli Bambi will bring back artisanal fabrication techniques to create their espresso machines. A traditional sheet processing department comes to life, where craftsmen manually cut, bend and weld steel, brass, and aluminium, including a carpentry to produce unique items in wood. The Officine Fratelli Bambi makes possible the design and build of single or limited series of machines, drawing on the experience of specialised workers who have been trained in the La Marzocco Experimental Lab.  

Officine Fratelli Bambi will focus on two types of machines; bespoke machines and catalogue machines. 
Catalogue machines are unique designs presented within much loved La Marzocco formats, each only available for a limited amount of time. The first is the PB Comet, inspired by the Linea PB with the latest ABR and pro-touch technology but with a gleaming, hand polished, stainless-steel exterior. 
Bespoke machines are machines created completely from scratch, allowing customers the ability to design their own bespoke espresso machine which is completely unique to them and their coffee space.  
Handcrafted design is in the DNA at Officine Fratelli Bambi. The team of artisans and craftspeople bring decades of experience to shape and bend raw materials into the perfect espresso machine. Every machine is built one piece at a time, with utmost care and attention to detail as the result of the work of meticulous craftsmen. Their craftspeople have been building and testing innovative prototype machines for decades. Every machine produced by Officine Fratelli Bambi is backed by the extensive resources of the La Marzocco Research and Development lab.  
Both tradition and craftsmanship make up the foundation for innovative products, allowing the Officine Fratelli Bambi to experiment with new materials and technologies. Through tradition, La Marzocco can build upon a strong foundation to develop innovative techniques, working with an eye on the past and an eye on the future. Their dedication to continuous learning allows them to rediscover artisanal processes and experiment with new innovations, to learn and collaborate with customers and partners within the coffee industry to create handmade excellence. 
Conceived from passion and crafted with a commitment to perfection, the machines of Officine Fratelli Bambi are designed so nothing stands between you and the perfect cup of espresso. True design is where form meets function. They aim to challenge the conventions of the present, realizing cutting edge design, performance, and technology. 

Officine Fratelli Bambi is legacy, artistry, and innovation. It is your unique vision realized without compromise. Whether you are looking to build a fleet of machines or desire a single piece to highlight the ideals of your brand, Officine Fratelli Bambi will bring your vision into reality. 

La Marzocco will be showcasing the Comet PB as part of their Officine Fratelli Bambi Innovation Gallery at the Festival.

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