20 - 23 April 2023 / The Truman Brewery
16 September 2021
Join Slayer on the Roof of the Truman Brewery
Get ready to learn with experts and upgrade your coffee game!
Slayer designs and manufactures professional espresso machines for a discerning global clientele. Since 2007, our revolutionary products have been assembled by hand in Seattle, provoking innovation in coffee and elevating the worldwide standard for specialty.

Slayer leads the resurgence of espresso machine innovation with radical products, unassailable vision, and a fanatical team of coffee professionals. We do espresso like you’ve never tasted. 

Slayer’s mission to ‘Make Coffee Better’ has seen a global expansion, with a growing team spread across the world. Slayer Espresso is based in Seattle, Washington, and has teams based out of Milan, Melbourne, Singapore, Dubai, and now the UK. 

Meet the Slayer Team

Headed up by Rob Ward and Dan Fellows, Slayer UK exists to ‘Make Coffee Better’ for the professional barista, for the technician, for the cafe owner and for coffee drinkers in the UK and beyond. 

Rob Ward is Slayer UK Brand Manager, National Coordinator of the UK Chapter of the Speciality Coffee Association, a certified Q-Grader and coffee specialist with experience in all aspects of the industry. 

Dan Fellows is Slayer UK Brand Ambassador, the first ever 2x World Coffee in Good Spirits Champion and a previous UK Barista Champion. 

Slayer is proud to unveil this truly unique educational platform in partnership with The Global Coffee School, capturing key insights into the Slayer product range on the roof of the Old Truman Brewery in London. 

The Course 

Over the four episodes, Rob and Dan will run you through each of the unique Slayer espresso machines, as well as giving an insight into what provoked the foundation of Slayer. They explore the features of each machine, discuss the different ways the machines extract coffee and deep dive into how baristas can control their extractions to get the very best out of the machines in different settings. 

Episode 1

An Introduction to Slayer which introduces the history of espresso machines, outlines the Slayer story and the state of Slayer today, outlining the product range and key differentiators. 

Episode 2 

Focusing on the Slayer Espresso, highlighting its patented needle valve technology, allowing baristas to control the flow rate of their espresso extractions. The Slayer Espresso is a highly manual machine that shines with straight espresso shots and smaller drinks. Slayer Espresso’s patented flow rate technology creates an espresso flavor profile unlike any other machine –– it’s been dubbed the “Slayer shot” and it’s memorable.

Episode 3

Explores the Slayer Steam EP, discussing the real world applications of the pre-wet technology and how this can be utilised to enhance coffee quality, reduce chanelling and make exceptional, consistent drinks in a busy environment. Slayer Steam EP is our total value machine and comes at a very high feature specification for its class. With individual brew boilers, no steam valve rebuilds and easy to program volumetric output, this is the benchmark for specialty coffee espresso machines. 

Episode 4 

The final episode deep dives into Slayer Steam LP, highlighting its pre-infusion functionality and how to best utilise the rich feature base of this machine. Slayer Steam LP provides access to easy manual flavour profiling and excellent espresso extraction. Predictive weight outputs, a unique Slayer function, are easily repeated by “recording” recipes as you dial in––you can then “playback” the same consistent shot all day using the paddle actuator. This machine provides baristas with advanced-level brewing techniques and easy repeatability, which we believe makes it the barista's dream machine.

The Slayer Global Coffee School course will be soon available to watch here

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