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09 September 2021
Sustainable Roastery Launches in Sweden
To contribute to building a more sustainable world, the coffee industry, like every other industry, is actively working to reduce its climate impact. As one of the leading players in the coffee market, Löfbergs has set itself considerable targets to reduce the climate impact of their production process. To date, the company has reduced its greenhouse gas emissions per ton of coffee produced by 53 percent; the ambition is to achieve net zero emissions by 2030.
Make Efficient Use of Energy
From their roastery in Karlstad, Sweden, Löfbergs has doubled its coffee production in the last 30 years, but the company’s energy consumption has not changed. In fact, Löfbergs’ climate impact from coffee roasting decreased 11 percent from 2019 to 2020.
This has been achieved by switching to greener sources of energy, such as wind, geothermal heating and district heating, alongside 30 percent usage of biopropane.
Boats, Trains but no Aeroplanes
Coffee is produced in countries on virtually the other side of the world. The transportation of these beans can be a considerable impact on the climate, particularly if planes are used. Löfbergs insists on using boat, shipping the beans to Gothenburg then placing them on a train which runs all the way into the roasting house at Karlstad. Shipping by rail rather than lorry reduces Löfbergs’ carbon dioxide emissions by approximately 3,000 tonnes each year.
A hybrid lorry running on electricity and HVO diesel drives between Löfbergs’ central roasting house and the storage facility, which is strategically located close to both the motorway and railway to avoid heavy traffic. This means transportation emissions are reduced by up to 92 percent and illustrates how careful planning and decision making at every step can help reduce a company’s climate impact.
A New Roastery (Built with Sustainability at its Heart)
Retro-fitting sustainable initiatives to a business – particularly the physical assets of a business – can be difficult. So, the opportunity to start with a blank page and ensure sustainability sits at the very centre is an opportunity not everyone can enjoy. But Löfbergs, has been fortunate enough to have this chance with its brand new roastery.
Opened in the summer of 2021, the roastery has been specially built for whole bean production – and to be as green as possible. Powered by green energy sources and handling bio-based, renewable packaging, the unit facility has been awarded a Silver Environmental Certification.


You’ll be able to find out more about Löfbergs new roastery and their production processes at the London Coffee Festival 2021. 

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