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20 - 23 April 2023 / The Truman Brewery
04 February 2022
Decent Packaging x Project Waterfall Artist Competition
Our official compostable cup partners, Decent Packaging, are supporting the London Coffee Festival for another year of coffee celebrations!
We are thrilled to announce that Decent Packaging will be joining us again this year to celebrate the LCF 2022! Not only this... they have launched an exciting competition for local artists to raise awareness and much needed funds for our chosen charity, Project Waterfall. A donation from all cups sold will be made directly to the charity to help bring clean water, sanitation and education to coffee-growing communities across the world.
How can I enter?
The process to enter is easy! Register your interest and submit a piece of original artwork that represents a creative and unique connection or answer to the question “what does clean water mean to you?”.
The winning artist will receive a coffee hamper to help step up their at-home coffee game - including a Moccamaster (colour of their choice) and other coffee-related items from our partners to guarantee to keep them caffeinated for months to come.
Artwork needs to be submitted using the template provided here, and emailed to with the subject line “Project Waterfall x decent Packaging Artist Comp”. Please submit your entry before 5pm on Friday 11 March 2022.

Please note that by submitting your entry you agree to the terms and conditions outlined below.  Shortlisted artworks will be selected by decent Packaging and exhibited and judged by the public at the London Coffee Festival event (31 March - 3 April 2022). The winner will be announced on Sunday 3 April 2022.

Why compost when you can recycle?
We’ve all heard the common warning “there’ll be more plastic in the ocean than fish by 2050”, well one rubbish truck’s-worth of plastic is dumped into the sea every minute, and the situation is getting worse. The UK produces more plastic waste per person than almost any other country in the world, and many of us spend time carefully sorting our recycling!
Thousands of tonnes of plastic waste that is recycled is sent to waste incinerators in the UK, these giant furnaces burn the waste causing air pollution, noise, smells and litter to name a few; some goes into landfill where it releases toxic chemicals into the environment and listen to this… the amount of recycled plastic that the UK sends abroad is the equivalent of three and a half Olympic swimming pools every single day, where does it go then?
Composting reduces landfill waste, incineration and therefore emissions as well as the dependence on fossil fuels. The aim is to give back to our motherland! Composting creates a thriving habitat and nutritious fodder for an entire population of bacteria, bugs, worms, fungi and creepy crawlies, and what they leave behind becomes nourishing fodder for our plants. Composting is nature’s way of recycling!

What makes Decent Packaging so special?
We use Decent Packaging coffee cups at our London Coffee Festival because they are made from plants, lined with plants, and dressed up in water-based ink. The fundamental core of decent is that they can unmake everything they make, using materials derived from plants which will transform packaging into and industry beyond oil.
The Decent product portfolio is completely compostable! By using the plant-based compostable option at the LCF means we can simplify waste streams, tying into the circular economy.
That isn’t all! To make sure it is composted we have partnered with First Mile for another year who will collect and the waste, this will then be taken to their composting facility which will integrate into the organic waste system. This is then turned into nutrient rich fertiliser, cool right?
Our goal is to make The London Coffee Festival as waste-free as possible – we know you’ll be as excited as we are to reduce the amount of plastic being used and, in doing so, simplifying the waste systems, with the knowledge that both the packaging and food waste is being turned into compost and not going to landfill.

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