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30 March 2022
Comandante Grinder: What’s the Big Deal?
When we think of precision, quality & elegance in coffee, one name comes to mind: Comandante
When we think of precision, quality, elegance, consistency and practicality in coffee, one name will always come to mind: Comandante. In 2014, seeking the maximum flavour-potential in every cup of coffee, Bernd Uwe Braune, Raphael Braune and Gerhard Scherbinski-von Volkman came up with a design that managed to transform the challenges of finding a consistent grind.  Up until then, it had relied on expensive electric grinders, but they managed to create a revolutionary accessory that can travel anywhere and be at the highest level of efficiency to achieve a superior cup of coffee.
But why is Comandante Coffee Grinder so good?

With a team that understood the intricacies of good coffee, it was clear that one of the most important factors is to have a consistent grind that allows you to precisely control the outcome in your cup. For this reason, they began to analyse all factors that could lead their design to represent German engineering through a portable, easy to use and above all effective grinder.


Clearly, to meet the huge demand that Comandante has worldwide, it must have a factory that can cope with mass output. However, the details that a Comandante grinder has, will always have that personal touch. The wood lamination, the printing of the logo, the waxing, the polishing, the assembly, the packaging and each quality test will always have been carried out by hand.  So, whilst the mechanisms are always identical and mm perfect, there is always an element of uniqueness and hand-finishing in each grinder.

The Burr Technology

The impact of the technology behind each Comandante’s Burr is defined by its CEO, Bernd Braune, "When I talk about good quality you have to be able to measure it". This ability to measure quality is provided by its materials, using a high-alloyed, high-nitrogen stainless steel with a fine martensitic micro-crystal matrix and also its geometry, which through the other components allows the particle size of the coffee to be refined and precise.This particle uniformity is what makes the Comandante so valued as a competition grinder – it’s the surest way to achieve balanced and consistent extraction of coffee.

Design & Longevity

Their design is a mark of distinction. The bean jar with its robust glass or indestructible polymer, the selection of premium woods from sustainable sources to hand-laminate each grinder, its ergonomic size to grind smoothly, the materials of its internal machinery such as the stainless steel of the crank, axle and micro ball bearings, allow its useful life to be extremely long-lasting.

Development of their components

The development of each one of its parts is always aimed at finding the best possible consistency in the grinding process. The body of the grinder is designed to avoid clogging of the beans, the internal system was designed to withstand maximum torque.The click system is completely identical from one grinder to the next, so that 11 clicks on one Comandante is perfectly consistent with 11 clicks on another. The smoothness of its axle and undoubtedly, the infallible quality of its burrs that make each Comandante a joy to use. 

A grinder for any occasion

Normally, hand grinders are designed for travel environments.  The consequence of this being that they may not guarantee the best quality or grind consistency. But not so with Comandante.

Whilst perfectly portable, the Comandante allows users to replicate a recipe over and over again, to find a particular profile and repeat it without losing consistency. This not only makes it a coffee grinder that can be used every day or undertake camping trip; it's also a grinder designed to take part at the highest level of competition and bring out the coffee's best characteristics thanks to its precision.

Thanks to its endless capabilities, it will be easy to come across the Comandante at London Coffee Festival.  It will be in use on stands and, thanks to its sponsorship of the Coffee Masters competition, you will find it in the hands of elite baristas who will be using it to achieve success, probably be one of its new designs such as the Liquid Amber or the Virginia Walnut.  While it captures the spectators' attention with its aesthetics and design, it probably will be grinding the coffee of one of the winners of the competition.

In fact, you’d do well to find a coffee championship podium around the world that has not be graced by a barista wielding a Comandante grinder in the last few years.  These grinders have truly come to represent the pinnacle of competition coffee.
Special LCF offer: Use code LCF10 for a 10% discount on Comandante Grinders. The offer is valid for the duration of the festival.
If you’d like Comandante in your café or coffee business, head to our exclusive distributer Brewed By Hand for a range of benefits including trade prices, multiple payment methods and quick delivery options.

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