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22 March 2022
Find Your Perfect KeepCup
Whether you’re a sauntering sipper or a frenetic flat white-r, our reusable cup partner KeepCup is here to help you find the cup for you.
From a brewed-at-home staple before you take the dog out to a spill-free commute after rush hour at the café, the way you carry your coffee and drinks is an important part of your daily routine. Whether you’re a sauntering sipper or a frenetic flat white-r, our reusable cup partner KeepCup is here to help you find the cup for you.

The one for the super stylish

You know what they say: it’s what’s on the inside that counts. And with the KeepCup Brew Cork that’s 100% true. There’s no concealing your morning coffee order in this clear cup made from durable, tempered glass. (A win for the baristas perfecting their latte art.)

The band that ensures it’s not too hot to handle is made with sustainably harvested cork, makes the cup comfy to hold and even nicer to drink from, lid on or off. Cold or hot, the KeepCup Brew Cork puts your single origin taste front and centre, where it belongs.

The one for the purists

If you’ve ever rallied against remakes or felt smug about liking a band before they hit the charts, the KeepCup Original is for you. It’s the KeepCup that started the reuse revolution; the world's first barista standard reusable coffee cup. The Original is our cornerstone and won fans around the world who wanted to help the planet – and helped them express themselves in the process.

Yes it’s plastic, but it's the reuse that counts. It’s hardy and lightweight leaving you no excuse to replace single use. Designed for your beverage of choice (including wine), it lets you up your snacking game too (think apple chips, cauliflower popcorn or wasabi peas).

Select your size, coordinate your colours (yes, DYO is an option), or sip from a 40% revenue shared, Sea Shepherd partner cup.

Fads come and go but the Original is forever.

The one for the hikers and the hibernators

There are days when you run on cold, energetic efficiency and get everything done before breakfast. And then there are the ones when you boil the kettle for a desperately needed cuppa, only to forget about it for three hours. KeepCup Thermal meets all your needs.

This double-walled reusable cup has vacuum sealed thermal insulation to keep your drink hot (or cold) for longer. Perfect for travelling, lazy days or when you forgot about the coffee you ordered but need it for a mid-afternoon pick-me-up. It happens to the best of us.

Thermal also gets the all-important seal of approval from baristas, who appreciate your respect for their craft, achieving the perfect temperature for your perfect brew, amidst the morning rush.

Like a crisp, white shirt or good haircut, it makes you look like you’ve got everything together. (Whether that’s true or not.)

The one for the clean freaks

When you’re not scrolling through ‘CleanTok’ or googling what other miracles baking soda can perform, you’re trying to make sure every new purchase you bring home will last. For that to happen, they need to be easy to clean.

With its high, tapered top, the KeepCup Bottle is the reusable way to sip water, slurb smoothies and experiment with icy concoctions.

Between every new recipe, just twist the bottle lid and cup apart to give it a good wash. Screw it back together again to try another twist on your favourite drinks. Did we mention it comes in a Thermal or Original for the ultimate match to your lifestyle?


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