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20 - 23 April 2023 / The Truman Brewery
17 March 2022
High-end Coffee Machines with Faema and Slayer
We are thrilled that Gruppo Cimbali is joining us at The London Coffee Festival. They will be displaying their most high-end coffee machines at the event alongside Faema and Slayer.
We are thrilled that Gruppo Cimbali is joining us at The London Coffee Festival. They will be displaying their most high-end coffee machines at the event alongside Faema and Slayer. Want to know more? Keep reading!
At the festival, Gruppo Cimbali will share some of the most special coffeemaking techniques. They will host the “Coffee Cocktail Shake-Along", an interactive demo and tasting session (yum!). Join Double World Coffee in Good Spirits Champion Dan Fellows of Slayer Espresso and Jon Lister of Diplomatico Rum creating some special coffee-based cocktails. Yes, please!
/ Faema

Faema’s stand will be dedicated to their machines Faema President Gti (spot us during Coffee Masters!), Faema E71 Touch and Faema E71E. You can go and see an area entirely dedicated around Faemina, the latest addition to Faema: the espresso machine designed for the home environment, and more.
During the festival, the Faema and Faemina stands will be animated by several local roasters, including Redemption Roaster, Moon Coffee Roaster, Beans Coffee, Perky Blenders, Caravan Coffee Roasters, 7 Grams as well as Lavazza 1895 for Faema and Caffè Latino for Faemina.
Introducing the Faema E71 Touch

The Faema E71 range is enriched with a new smart and intuitive product created to meet the needs of an increasingly broad target audience.

The interface has the typical features of the E71 range, supported by Newton electronics: it can be personalised by choosing the number and colour of the programmable dose buttons. The new filter holders are designed to maximise the ergonomics of the machine and to guarantee high-level performance also at times of heavy use. 

Rush hour. Imagine having a machine that automatically froths milk while you make your customer’s coffee. This is possible thanks to Autosteam, safe to use thanks to its Cold Touch cover. The “Purge” function, allows you an instant and effective cleaning of the automatic wand.

/ Slayer

Slayer leads the resurgence of espresso machine innovation with radical products, unassailable vision, and a fanatical team of coffee professionals! Assembled by hand, their products provoke innovation in coffee and elevate the worldwide standard for specialty with their mission to ‘Make Coffee Better’.

Slayer will be showing machines Slayer Espresso Single Group, Slayer Steam LP and Slayer Espresso Ep. Hosting an interesting list of roasters and distributors, including Obadiah, Watch House, Us V Them, and a Matter of Concrete, so make sure you go and say hi!
Slayer Espresso SG

‘’Slayer Espresso Single Group is uncompromisingly manual and singularly focused on extraction. Our proprietary Needle Valve gives you an unparalleled ability to control how water is delivered onto coffee, offering a new way of extraction that can’t be replicated with no other machines. With unlimited abilities to personalize the machine how you want it, Slayer Espresso Single Group is unmatched in design and unprecedented technologies.

This machine is fully equipped with an independent brew tank for impeccable temperature stability, a commercial group head and an individual tank for unlimited steam capacity. A professional machine that was built for commercial use, but fits right in at home, too. The purists' machine is here!’’

Head over to stands G26, G27, G29 for Faema and Faemina, and stand HP29A to visit Slayer and their partners at The LCF.  

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