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25 March 2022
Well Grounded - The Social Enterprise Shifting the Dial on Unemployment
Supporting people facing barriers to employment into work in the coffee industry
Well Grounded (WG) is an award winning social enterprise committed to supporting people facing multiple barriers to employment into work in the coffee industry through a series of specialty coffee training academies.
Training programmes are a combination of theory and practical content delivered in an experiential style to meet the diverse learning styles of trainees. Well Grounded provides industry recognised qualifications, work placements with vetted employers, CV writing skills, soft skills training and wrap-around pastoral care, as well as an on-going job matching service for all Graduates. Ultimately, the social enterprise empowers people with the skills, training, mentorship and qualifications they need to access work and thrive in the specialty coffee industry. What makes Well Grounded really unique is their relationship with over 130 employers, which enables the organisation to not only move people into work, but sustain and progress in employment, and since 2016 we’ve supported 270 trainees into sustained employment, training, and education outcomes.
Well Grounded’s vision is of a society where people are thriving socially and economically in a diverse, dynamic and nurturing coffee community.
Driven by a mission to harness the potential of local talent who might otherwise not have the opportunity to shine, and provide them with a pathway into employment in the coffee industry. Since being founded in 2016, Well Grounded have trained 567 individuals, 301 trainees have graduated from one of their employment programmes and gained accreditation, with 270 (80+% of Graduates) moving into work, training and education outcomes. Beyond the on programme training they provide career development and higher-level skills training to Graduates, enabling them to transition into better-paid, more secure and rewarding careers. During the pandemic the need for Well Grounded’s support services rose by 400%; they provided ongoing crisis support, careers advice, mental health support, mentoring and professional development.

The pandemic has affected the employment market in multiple ways and we are now seeing the young, from lower social and economic backgrounds and the BAME community (Institute of Unemployment, 2021) particularly impacted. With a multi-billion pound industry set to continue growing, new avenues into finding and building talent are much needed. Through empowering people needing technical and soft skills development, work placements and mentorship into work, Well Grounded provides a much needed solution. 
Well Grounded’s approach to education and training is holistic, the intention is to provide trainees with all the skills they need to thrive in the working world. Empowering them with technical skills, soft skills, knowledge, confidence and support is fundamental to aiding them on their journey to find sustainable work in the coffee and hospitality industries - and often beyond.

Well Grounded’s small team has three main facets to its approach to training unemployed adults and helping them to find work. Firstly, technical skills and knowledge - becoming coffee professionals. Secondly, progression - working closely with trainees throughout their time on programme, and after they graduate, ensuring they are supported with their specific needs and integrated with wider support services. And finally, being the bridge between the extensive network of employer partners and the trainees as they look for jobs, or work placements to develop their skills confidence and employability further.

The combination of these elements has led to 270 of Well Grounded Graduates entering employment or going on to education and training opportunities. But the support doesn’t end there, the ‘Graduate Programme’ ensures that skills are developed further or refreshed when needed, and new jobs can be found through the bespoke job-matching service offered by Well Grounded.  This work is all overseen by a diverse board and driven by a dedicated staff team which includes lived experience, and most importantly, it is driven by a clear vision and strategic direction - something which has been at the core of everything they do since the foundation of Well Grounded in 2016. The impact of the social enterprise to date is testament to the clarity of vision which guides all the activity of the organisation, and the support of their partners in the amazing coffee industry and across the third sector.

If you would like to support the brilliant work Well Grounded is doing you can buy their coffee here, make a donation or visit them at the La Marzocco Home Kitchen on Friday 1st April to say hello in person. Well Grounded are sponsoring the coffee for Latte Art Live, speaking at The Lab on Friday 1st on Recruitment, Retainment and Upskilling and on Saturday on Coffee Career and How to Get Into the Industry.
For more information to stock their delicious coffee or to find out how you can work with Well Grounded email
Head to the Latte Art Live stage to buy a bag of Well Grounded's coffee

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