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  • Missed Opportuni-TEA with BRITA

Missed Opportuni-TEA with BRITA

06 February 2019

Jane Pettigrew from UK Tea Academy gives tips on how to amplify your tea offering.

While a lot of thought may go into choosing the tea we use, the water is often ignored, despite it making up to 99% of the cup. To guarantee quality tea, you need quality water.

Test your water

60% of the UK has hard water which really damages both tea and equipment. Its impact is immediately visible when you make a cup of tea; a white tea will look yellow and green and black teas will develop a scum on the surface.

Soft water shouldn’t be underestimated either as it contains gypsum, which also damages the appearance and flavour of tea. It’s best to check water in your area and you can do that simply with a BRITA Professional water drop test kit. Once you know what type of water you have, you can then work with the on-hand experts at BRITA Professional to find the right water filtration solution for you.

By removing unwanted particles, metals, minerals and chlorine from your water, you can brew a perfect tasting, crystal clear cup of tea, wherever you are. Filtered water even helps to protect machines by preventing the build-up of harmful limescale.

Did you know?


-    Over a third of consumers  visit a café to drink coffee they can’t drink at home, whereas only 15% say the same for tea 

-    Over 45% of consumers don’t think the quality of tea is better in cafés than at home



About BRITA Professional 

As the water filtration experts, we have over 50 years’ experience and a range of leading solutions that are designed to produce the best filtered water for the optimum hot beverages experience and to protect machinery. 

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