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A Short Guide to Interiors

30 March 2016

We asked the team behind award-winning design consultancy, Liqui Design, to give us their top tips on designing the perfect coffee shop.

Here’s what CEO and Lead Designer Cameron Fry had to say…

1) Research is key. 
Try to understand the area your coffee shop inhabits and the clientele you’re after. For example a Shoreditch look in rural Yorkshire may not be the right fit.

2) Think about your coffee shop layout.
How many covers verses how many take out sales do you want to make? With a small space a floor plan that caters for the take out market could maximise your turnover, but remember to keep it flexible.

3) Remember to be brave with your interior.
It can earn you free press and help build a reputation.

4) Try not to look at large chains for your inspiration as they tend to look at small independents for theirs.
As a result they can often be five years behind current trends.

5) Lighting can make or break a coffee shop interior.
Try to pay special attention to this. You don’t want your coffee shop to be too dark or bathed in stark light.

6) Think about the position of the coffee machine.
Do you want the theatre of coffee making to take centre stage?

7) Is there something else you could offer that your competition isn’t?
We’re seeing a move towards hybrid coffee shops where the coffee acts as a focal point for other activities such as work spaces, prototyping studios and brewing schools.

8) Remember that your brand is critical.
There is no point in spending all your time on your coffee shop interior if your brand sucks.

...But above all make sure you serve awesome coffee.

To find out more about Liqui Design’s services, click here.

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