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UCC Coffee Gets Innovative

30 March 2016

Inspired by UCC Coffee Japan, UCC Coffee’s innovation stand will give a telling nod to contemporary coffee culture in Japan thanks to its minimalist lines and exposed wooden walls.

Festival goers will be able to try out innovations that you won’t find anywhere else in the UK.

Here are our top five:

1) The Drip Pod: Fine Filter Coffee At Home
The Japanese drink 95 per cent filter coffee and consume half of their coffee at home, making the newly released Drip Pod a no-brainer for the Japanese market. This innovative product allows manual regulation of extraction across a selection of single origin coffees and teas. 


2) Largo: Speciality Coffee In A Can

In 1969 UCC Coffee’s parent company UCC Holdings revolutionised the market when it invented the first ever canned coffee. In December 2015, it announced the launch of a new aluminium pressurised can specifically for the Japanese market that keeps specialty coffee beans fresh for longer through a unique design. The new Largo range allows specialist cafés to offer a variety of premium single origins, without compromising freshness or quality in the cup. 
3) Kyoko Real Green Tea: Pure And Natural
Inspired by the Kanji — meaning 'pure' and 'natural' — the Kyoko Real Green Tea comes ready to drink in a bottle and is made with specially selected Shizuoka tea leaves, grown near Mount Fuji. It contains no sugar, sweetener, or calories, and offers a full bodied flavour and invigorating aroma. 
4) White Label Collection : Nicaraguan Espresso And Filter

UCC Coffee's award winning White Label Collection is a conceptual line of high-end, specialty grade coffees. This year the range is back with a nuanced Nicaraguan coffee – roasted especially for The London Coffee Festival. The signature White Label Collection comprises of limited edition, exceptional coffees that have been expertly selected.


5) Ueshima’s Double Espresso Coffee: Chilled Vibes


UCC Holding’s Tadao Ueshima first introduced this canned coffee recipe to the world in 1969. Now, UCC Coffee's bringing the latest recipe to festival goers. An authentic Japanese chilled coffee crafted from 100 per cent Arabica beans, Ueshima's Double Espresso Coffee is perfect for those who want quality, convenience and a refreshing caffeine kick. 

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