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The Impact of the Coronavirus Pandemic on UK Coffee Shops

11 May 2020

A study carried out by the World Coffee Portal,May 2020

Allegra World Coffee Portal’s latest insight into the global coffee market focuses on the impact of the Coronavirus Pandemic on café and coffee shop owners in the United Kingdom. With over 20 years’ experience dedicated to the sector, Allegra World Coffee Portal is recognised as the leading authority in strategic coffee research, consultancy and analysis.

This research examines the impact and challenges of the pandemic in the UK coffee shop market. Indicating significant concerns with the lasting effect of Coronavirus on business operations, 78% of cafe and coffee shop owners are worried about the future viability of their businesses.

This in-depth study brings to light the threat posed on many institutions and outlets, assessing topics such as:

  • How have UK café and coffee shop owners responded to Coronavirus?
  • What is the perceived impact of the pandemic on long-term trading performance?
  • What will the business landscape look like in a post-Coronavirus world?
  • Why have some businesses opted to change trading models rather than temporarily close?
  • What learnings about the coffee industry has the Coronavirus pandemic revealed? 

With 54% of coffee operators expecting it to take up to 2 years for operations to return to normal, the research also highlights the areas of support coffee shop outlets need during these times. Additional topics explored include:

  • What key information do businesses need to know during this time and after?
  • What support do businesses need from their suppliers, brands and wholesalers?
  • What are coffee shop owners perceptions of the UK government response?


Findings will be published on Allegra World Coffee Portal w/c 18 May 2020.


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