28-31 March 2019 |Old Truman Brewery,Brick Lane.
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Sustainability at LCF 2018


We have a number of initiatives in place this year to help reduce our environmental impact. We encourage our exhibitors to help us implement these systems by getting involved.
1. Recycling 100% of paper cups
As part of our sustainability programme we are aiming to recycle 100% of our paper cups across the festival. We have been working alongside Simply Cups - the UK’s only cup recycling scheme, to help make this happen.
There will be dedicated paper cup only recycling bins across the venue that we will be encouraging the festival goers to deposit their used cups in. Simply Cups will be taking these cups to their recycling facility to reprocess these materials and manufacture them into new products.
Simply Cups will be transforming all of the LCF Cups into a product that will be revealed at the 2019 festival.
More information can be found at www.simplycups.co.uk
2. Recycling 100% of Coffee Grounds
LCF are working in conjunction with bio-bean to recycle 100% of the coffee grounds used onsite at the festival. Bio–Bean collects waste coffee grounds and gives them a second lease of life by recycling them into coffee logs, biodiesel and biomass pellets. 
Each stand will be provided with dedicated bags to collect their coffee ground waste in, which will be collected at the end of each day from your stand by the waste management team.
3. Recycling single use plastic
BRITA will be hosting a bottle amnesty throughout the festival with their Green Team, who will be equipped with wheelbarrows and patrolling the festival collecting used plastic.
During the festival these bottles will be stored in industrial bins onsite ready to be taken away for recycling at the end of the four days.
If you have any single use plastic on your stand for recycling please make the Green Team aware.
4. Refill Stations
BRITA Professional is proud to be the Official Water Sponsor of London Coffee Festival 2018 and will be supplying filtered water to all exhibitors throughout the festival.
In response to exhibitor feedback at last year’s show, and as a sustainably conscious brand, BRITA want to ensure there is no wastage of plastic and/or jerry cans therefore this year, there will be a change to the way in which water is supplied;
BRITA will be providing 1 x pre-filled jerry can to each stand, which can be collected from the refill area. There will be a number of self-service filtration stations across the venue for exhibitors to refill their jerry cans from during the festival. These will be clearly signposted as a refill station.
Exhibitors are welcome to bring their own water containers, which can also be refilled at these stations.
Please help us pull together as a community to meet our sustainability goals.
Any questions on these please ask at the info desk.

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