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At this year’s London Coffee Festival, we showcased some of the finest professional machines in the game, from big, barista-style coffee machines to compact espresso makers and automatic milk steamers! 

We've handselected 10 special products!

Faema President GTi

Designed for those who always look to the future without ever renouncing tradition, Faema’s new machine, President GTi, revisits the iconic models of the ’60s offering cutting-edge technology.

It is a machine in which past and future closely coexist, creating a sophisticated product that not only enhanced coffee hotspots thanks to its restyled design, but also distinguishes itself in terms of quality with its innovative features.

Vintage and modern continue to harmonise with the satin and chrome-plated steel alternate, developed in collaboration with the industrial division of Italdesign. The President was the winner of the prestigious Red Dot Award in 2020! No wonder it is the machine of choice for Coffee Masters 2022. An icon is reborn...

La Marzocco KB90

Named after the community renowned Kent Bakke, former La Marzocco International CEO and now Chairman of the Board, KB90 is inspired by the tried and trusted Linea PB model, presenting a familiar 3-button user interface and auto-volumetrics.

La Marzocco have created a patented Straight-In Portafilter which removes the need to twist your wrist when operating the machine, revolutionising the espresso-making paradigm and significantly reducing the risk of wrist injury by up to 12 times!

“It’s always been a part of La Marzocco’s DNA to focus on the job of the barista. Twenty years ago, we started thinking that espresso machines should be operated with natural movements and motions to increase the enjoyment and speed of use for the barista. With the creation of the Straight-in Portafilter, I feel that we have built a machine that will forever improve the way the barista interacts with our machines,” shares Kent Bakke.

The KB90 improves the natural workflow and output within a high-volume café, offering greater performance and everyday usability, thank you La Marzocco for keeping us fighting fit and coffee focussed.

Slayer Steam LP

Slayer Steam LP isn’t known as the Dream Machine for nothing! Belonging to the infamous Steam line, this volumetric machine is a dream come true for those seeking the perfect balance between efficiency and quality in the cup. Its pressure profiling and repeatability function means you can easily extract delicious espresso every time with programmable pre-infusion, post-infusion, and volumetric output settings.
Thanks to its intuitive interface, you can easily shift between regulated pressures as you dial in, favorite recipes can be quickly recorded and ‘’played back’’ with the same consistency over and over again. No faff needed!
Eversys SA Shotmaster pro/ST

Introducing the latest addition to the beloved Shotmaster range! Six years on from the Shotmaster’s initial release, Eversys has reimagined a brand new Shotmaster as a complement to their recently launched Enigma range. The Shotmaster S-PRO/ST is top of the range and is the brands first machine to produce 8 shots at the same time, yes….8 shots! That’s up to 700 espressos per hour!
The milk module located in the middle of the machine can be configured with various milk calibration options alongside four different types of milk for our alt. milk lovers! The machine also has four bean hoppers and grinders allowing four potential coffee bean options, the choice is yours.
Wally Milk

A bit of breaking news in the ever-exciting world of coffee technology, La Marzocco have unveiled the newest edition in their growing suite of high-end products for the modern coffee bar.
Wally Milk is an automatic milk steamer that can be connected to all La Marzocco and Modbar espresso machines, making it easy for anyone to steam milk with no waste and minimal training. It is programmable with up to 20 presets meaning you can move effortlessly between styles of milks (both dairy and non), as well as precise temperatures and desired levels of aeration, a perfect addition for effortless milk!
Fiorenzato F83 E XGi

A coffee grinder one can only dream about, the XGi line represents the very best of state-of-the-art Fiorenzato technology! Thanks to a patent held by the company, precision, efficiency and ease of use are the real hallmark of all XGi models.
Want to know a secret? With XGi grinder-dosers, the amount of coffee dispensed, calculated in grams, needs to be set one time only and remains consistent for precise dosing, preventing waste and offering a perfect cup of coffee every time. A technological, efficient coffee grinder designed to make baristas’ work easier! A dream come true in the world of coffee, with the tap of your finger and XGi technology does the rest…
Rancilio Specialty RS1

With Rancilio’s new specialty division, the Italian masters have has pulled together a machine that ticks the boxes most baristas like to be ticked. Now, we don’t speak for everyone but if one doesn’t look for quality and reliability, ease of use and functionality and confidence that your equipment will work with you, then I guess you’re reading in the wrong place!
What makes it different? Temperature profiling. While most high-end espresso machines allow you to set a precise brewing temperature, the RS1 also allows you to change the brew temperature up or down during the shot.
You can extract the most incredible taste sensations from the RS1 which crams a lot of functionality into a stylish and sturdy design, a pretty compelling package I’m sure you’ll agree?

Nuova Simonelli – Appia Life

Consistent, quick, and quiet…  the Simonelli Appia Life machine is one of the most beginner-friendly espresso machines out there! The ergonomic design and soft infusion system promote consistent quality in every drink you make, a budding baristas best friend!
These are the perfect machines for businesses that want an environmentally friendly model as its new design includes energy saving efforts to be sustainable and cost effective, without losing it performance. Its DRYTEX THERMICAL technology insulation reduces 13% of energy consumption compared to the Appia II. It is simple and innovative, standing out not only for its proven reliability but also for the modern style that makes it unique, a match made in coffee heaven.
Conti MC Ultima

A coffee machine that is small is size and large in function! Yes… it is smaller than most but its size has no hinderance on its capability. Many modern-day coffee bars are sleek, efficient and deliberately sparse in their design, with this trending theme of space at such a premium, Conti have taken every dimension of the original Monte Carlo and shaved precious millimetres to make the machine lower and leaner in every way!

Conti have managed to achieve an overall reduction in size of nearly 30% without any reduction in performance or capability. As a result of the cleaner look, it has been fully encapsulated in sustainable, recyclable metals. Hats off to Conti!
Faema E71E

Every machine is much more than the sum of its component parts, but it is the details and design that make the E71E truly unique.

Thanks to the independent groups, you can manage different coffee varieties, respecting the specific temperatures of each one for optimal extraction. Additionally, the hydraulic circuit with a GTi control system guarantees you the perfect management of coffee infusion times.

The new, redesigned handles are designed to offer you maximum ergonomics and comfort. The length has been increased to allow you to work with larger milk jugs, while Cold Touch technology makes the wand grip more ergonomic and secure and facilitates cleaning after use.
Astoria Storm FRC

Taking one of the most innovative machines ever produced and then further pushing the boundary of what is expected within the industry has become a part of the fabric of Astoria's DNA.

With the Storm FRC, the Italian experts have created a coffee machine that is a true fusion of the exacting barista, modern technology and espresso expertise. A reinvention of the conventions of the modern coffee machine has brought us this stunning, powerful Italian-made espresso machine.

The Astoria Storm FRC offers you the option to serve coffee in any way you desire, making it an exceptional option for the high-end coffee shop that wants truly bespoke brewed espresso-based coffee. A perfect blend of craftsmanship and high technology.
Perfect Moose

Your extra pair of barista hands...

Perfect Moose is the smart, automated foamer which takes over for the busy barista, rescues the untrained and gives your customers a true treat worth coming back for. Using any liquid you like!

READY - Pour your liquid of choice into the smart pitcher
SET - Place the pitcher onto the foamer
FOAM - Don’t. Do. Anything. The recipe starts running
ENJOY - Take off, pour & spoil those customers

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