23 - 26 September 2021 |The Truman Brewery
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Introducing COFE App


Get ready for cofe's official UK Launch at The London Coffee Festival!

Let us introduce you to the app that is on the verge of transforming the way you buy coffee in London – and beyond. COFE connects coffee house chains and specialty coffee roasters with coffee lovers through a simple and seamless app, allowing users to customise, order and pay for their coffee before collecting it with no waiting around.

Having won over big names in the Middle East such as Costa Coffee, Seattle's Best and Caribou Coffee, the coffee-centric company is getting ready to bring its service to London's distinctive specialty scene, launching officially in the UK here at The London Coffee Festival. 


For a city that is constantly in a state of rush, it's hardly a surprise that London should be the next home for the brand, who currently processes over 10, 000 transactions a day, and were recently nominated for a London Tech Innovation Award. What's more, COFE have developed a fully-fledged rewards system, both within the app itself and in partnership with individual cafés, and will also have a concierge system where your coffee can be dropped off to your car, your classroom, your office, your arrivals gate – (almost) anywhere!

Speeding up the to-go process will not only improve collection efficiency but also allow coffee shops and roasters to dedicate more care to those wishing to enjoy the sit-in experience. 

Visitors to the festival will be able to experience the convenience of COFE in person, with their own pop-up café giving away coffee and treats to its users. There'll also be a whole host of takeovers and throwdowns, so watch this space for more news!


IF you're a coffee vendor and want to know more about What COFe Can offer your service then click here!

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