12-15 April 2018 |Old Truman Brewery,Brick Lane.
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chef's table & RESTAURANT
by grind


We couldn't be more excited to announce that 2017 will see Grind host a pop-up restaurant at The London Coffee Festival!

As well as a 60-seat walk-in restaurant offering classic favourites from its weekend brunch menu, Grind's welcoming visitors to an exclusive, 12 seat Chef's Table boasting a beautiful three-course Coffee & Food Pairing menu. Here's a preview:

Grind-4.JPG      Grind-5-(1).JPG

Grind-6.JPG       Grind-3-(1).JPG

Sounds incredible, doesn't it? Don't miss out — click here to buy your ticket and secure your seat now.

the men behind the menu 

Sam Trevethyen: Head of Coffee

Sam is coffee at Grind, working closely with Head Roaster Howey when it comes to choosing and selecting the coffees used, as well as heading up the in-house training programme for all Grind staff. He also works closely with Grind's wholseale partners, educating baristas from each site to ensure that the quality and consistency of coffee remain high.


Howey Gill: Head Roaster

Howey joined Grind in 2016 to help set up the Grind Roastery. With 5 years of experience sourcing and roasting coffees for the Counter Culture Coffee and Alchemy plus numerous years of barista work before that, it's fair to say that he's pretty knowledgeable by now. 
His background as a Natural Sciences graduate keeps him curious and experimenting with how to improve coffee, and his habit of playing in psychedelic rock bands is useful when a more creative approach is required. 
Howey was once told by a coffee farmer that after a coffee cherry is grown, you can never add quality to it. That's he why believes that his 'job in the coffee industry is to maintain it; to bring as much of that goodness from these great farmers' work all the way to the final cup.
It's a pretty solid philosophy we think.


Kyle Boyce: Executive Chef

Born and raised in Cape Town South Africa, Kyle started his culinary journey at the Cape Grace Hotel, one of the leading small hotels in the world at that time. From there he was headhunted by Soho House and relocated to London where he has worked for the last 8 years, helping the group to open sites across London as well as in Chicago and Istanbul. Pretty impressive hey?






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