12-15 April 2018 |Old Truman Brewery,Brick Lane.
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  • School of Chocolate
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  • Coffee Meets Whiskey
    by La Cimbali
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Chocolate Heaven


What's 8ft and edible? A chocolate sculpture of course — as you'll discover first hand at Hotel Chocolat's feature space where a talented chocolatier will be live carving for your viewing pleasure.
Look on in amazement as you indulge in Hotel Chocolat's brand new selection of luxurious hot chocolates, or if that's all too hot to handle, a delicious cup of chilled Teaolat.



Buy a VIP ticket to London Coffee Festival and as well as this you'll be able to take part in a Mini Tasting Adventure, inspired by the Schools Of Chocolate in Covent Garden, Leeds, Cambridge and Copenhagen.


Each Mini session will begin with an introduction from a expert chocolatier, followed by tips on how best to pair and discern the distinctive flavours of fine cocoa. Can you tell which regions of St.Lucia the chocolates are from, and how their taste has been influenced by things such as terroir and conching time? You'll certainly be able to after this — so long as you don't take too much advantage of the free prosecco.

And don't forget, Hotel Chocolat has teamed up with UCC Coffee UK & Ireland for an exclusive Coffee & Chocolate Pairing hosted by David Demaison and Gaya Munaweera. Click here to book your place now.



...that the Greek name for cocoa trees is Theobroma, meaning 'Food of The Gods?' That's why Hotel Chocolat's creamy, soft-textured ice cream (launched at LCF in 2016) is named Ice Of The Gods! Make sure to grab a scoop of the much anticipated second flavour making its debut this year. Or why not go all out and treat yourself to a whole tub? You are a higher being after all.

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