2 - 5 April 2020 |The Truman Brewery,Brick Lane.
  • Temperature Profiling with Rancilio Specialty

Temperautre Profiling


​How to unlock the flavour potential of your coffee and discover Temperature Profiling with Rancilio Specialty.
Take Your Best Shot on Rancillio Specialty!


Listen up, roasters: your flavour game is about the get cranked up a notch. Head on over to the Rancilio Specialty stand if you want to unlock the flavour potential of your coffee. Behind the counter, you’ll get the chance to make magic on the legacy brand’s new RS1 machine - featuring Temperature Profiling, the Rancilio-patented technology enabling you to regulate the organoleptic properties of your coffee to suit your customers’ tastes and personal preferences. How? Temperature Profiling enables you to adjust water temperature as you dispense, allowing you to control the variable factor which has most impact on the in-cup result. 

Thanks to this technology, you can raise or lower certain coffee characteristics to create the perfect cup - the one you prefer - for each type of blend or single origin coffee. Balance the taste and aromas of each coffee, enhance the acidic notes or reduce astringency - you’re in the driver’s seat, customising every aspect of flavour. The various extraction profiles make each new cup of coffee unique - add a dash of creative flair, and possibilities for new nuances and complexities are endless. 

Find out more on the new RS1 machine and Temperature Profiling online at ranciliospecialty.com 

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