23 - 26 September 2021 |The Truman Brewery
  • The Tasting Room

awaken your senses

From tea to vermouth, The Tasting Room is a place to discover flavour at its best.

Coffee, cocktails, wine and water these are the key ingredients of The Tasting Room, an aptly named area dedicated to an exciting  programme of tasting workshops. So if you’re curious about zero-waste cocktails or want to expand your tea IQ, The Tasting Room is well worth a visit.


2019 highlights 

The Importance of Water. 
Know your H2O? Think again - there’s a lot more to water than you might expect. Luckily BRITA water sommelier Birgit Kohler will be on hand to explain which compounds in water influence the taste of coffee and take participants through the BRITA water wheel.

Zero Waste Cocktail Masterclass.​
Don’t chuck out those used coffee grounds. On Friday, mixologists Joe Petch and Calum Fraser from Discarded Cascara Vermouth will teach you how to make your very own sustainable cocktail using coffee waste and leftover fruit from your kitchen.


Pairing Plant-based with Coffee: Discovering Unique Flavours.
Discover how you can create unique flavours through a careful combination of coffee and plant-based drinks. Learn how pairing a Colombian roast with coconut can unlock exotic flavours such as strawberry and raspberry. Taste the synergy between plant-based
ingredients and specific coffee profiles, and understand how to let plant-based work with your coffee to create new flavours.

Merijn Gijsbers, Dutch Barista Champion and Alpro Ambassador, will be taking you on an unique tasting experience to explore the power of plant-based and coffee pairing.

Doing Tea Properly.
If your tea knowledge comes from the box of supermarket bags you have at home, then it’s time to level up. Founder of London-based specialists Good & Proper Tea, Emilie Holmes will take guests through the basics of this British staple in a guided tea tasting.

Make Mine an Espresso(?) Martini.
Everyone loves an Espresso Martini so join Stephanie Rainbow, Tia Maria Brand Ambassador and her speacial guests as showcases this iconic cocktail.  Created in London but enjoyed all over the world - with such a simple recipe, how can you make yours stand out? See how your choice of espresso can alter the taste of your cocktail and find the one you like best!

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