12-15 April 2018 |Old Truman Brewery,Brick Lane.
  • The Extraction Lab

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There are many factors that affect the quality of your cup of coffee. Blending, roasting, grinding, brewing time and water temperature to name just a few. Last but by no means least, is the coffee machine used, which is why Rancillio's range of coffee machines feature advanced temperature profiling technology.


Xcelsius is a technology designed to enhance the sensory properties of any blend of coffee, acting dynamically on the water temperature during the 25-30 second brewing process: increasing or decreasing this temperature by up to 5°C (9°F) allows changes to be achieved in the specific characteristics of the espresso coffee brewed and therefore significant improvements to be made in the quality of the product in the cup.


Taste this for yourself by exploring The Extraction Lab, an area dedicated to showing the affects of temperature profiling on a guest line-up of superb coffees.

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