2 - 5 April 2020 |Old Truman Brewery,Brick Lane.
  • The Flavour Discovery

Test your senses 



How does aroma affect taste? Why do people experience flavours differently? And how come coffee tastes so damn good? Union Hand Roasted Coffee will answer these burning questions on an epic, multi-sensory journey

The Flavour Discovery delves into the world of good coffee. Through a programme of interactive tastings and activities, they’ll take festival-goers on an epic flavour quest that’ll enlighten, engage, and entertain.
First on the agenda: our favourite sense, taste, will get a thorough investigation. They’ll explore the five basic sensations — sweet, salty, bitter, acidic, and savoury — through a series of interactive tasting challenges. Recognising individual tastes is an essential skill for any coffee enthusiast — this informative workshop will arm participants with the knowledge they need to distinguish the different elements of coffee.
Next up, aroma will get a good probing. Our olfactory sense can affect flavour in surprising ways — expert workshop leaders will guide festival-goers through this important sense in a fun and informative activity that gets to the heart of smell. In the aroma challenge, participants will attempt to identify unlabelled fragrances that correspond to the specific aromas found in coffee.


Finally, flavour will go under the microscope: the amalgamation of taste and aroma. With a new understanding of these two crucial senses, participants will try to deconstruct the flavour of coffee — what does our favourite drink actually taste of?

The Flavour Discovery will feature an expansive coffee showcase, featuring six varieties on filter and three on espresso. Participants will also be among the first to taste Union’s latest beverage, Cold Brew Sparkling Black, launching exclusively at the festival.


Specialty coffee still has an unnecessary air of mystery about it,” says Edita Chodarcevic, Head of Coffee Education at Union. “Using training elements developed by the Specialty Coffee Association, Flavour Discovery helps break down that mystery in an accessible and fun way.”


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