12-15 April 2018 |Old Truman Brewery,Brick Lane.
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The eighth London Coffee Festival is almost here, and we've revolutionised our The Lab programme, powered by MUMAC.

This year, industry day sessions are designed to inspire you. With specific sessions targeted to the barista, café owner, hospitality executive, product specialist and entrepreneur, the line-up is more comprehensive and diverse than ever. 

Expect interactive demonstrations, workshops and tasting sessions, as well as inspiring talks and lively debates with industry figureheads.

There are so many exciting sessions to look forward to. Here are our top highlights, and scroll down for the full line-up. 

Engage in Key Findings With The World Coffee Portal   
The Executive Director of The Allegra World Coffee Portal, Anya Marco will open The London Coffee Festival 2018 with Key Findings from Allegra Project Cafe2018 UK. Go in-depth on market intelligence and consumer insight about the UK Coffee Shop Market. On Friday, she will present, "The Importance of Day Part to Coffee Shops: when and where do consumers eat?" exploring key food and beverage trends from Allegra’s Project Café Series.  
Breaking Into Hospitality   
Join Paul Kelly from La Marzocco for this discussion with his guests Daniel Thompson of Soho House, Anne Lunell of Koppi Coffee and Gwilym Davies of Prufrock. From barista to coffee roaster, through to head of quality and operations, this debate panel aims to expose ways to break into the hospitality industry and give the audience some priceless tips and advice.  
MUMAC Takeovers   
Between 1pm and 2pm on Thursday and Friday, MUMAC will take over The Lab. Highlights include Jonathan Morris, Research Professor in Modern European History at the University of Hertfordshire, speaking about the history of your coffee shop menu, from the evolution of the espresso menu in Italy, to the history of international adaptations and additions. On Friday, don’t miss sessions on developing Espresso and customer knowledge growing your Micro Roastery and maintaining Quality and Consistency.  

A new approach to developing talent and maximising potential by Well Grounded  
Well Grounded is on a mission to support Londoners into employment as baristas, with their Specialty Coffee Training Academy. Eve Wagg, Founder and CEO of the social enterprise will take to the stage with Well Grounded Graduates who are now working at cafes and roasteries, and Robert Richardson, Co-Founder Notes Coffee. From recruitment to long-term development in your café, this talk sheds light on Well Grounded’s mission, approach to talent development and societal impact.  

THURSDAY 12 april - industry day


10.30 Key Findings from Allegra Project Café2018 UK, Live 
With Anya Marco, Executive Director, Allegra World Coffee Portal

11.25: Water for Coffee

With Maxwell Colonna-Dashwood, Owner, Colonna Coffee

12.00: Breaking Into Hospitality! (Panel) 

With Paul Kelly, La Marzocco; Daniel Thompson, Soho House; Anne Lunell, Koppi Coffee and Gwilym Davies, Prufrock 

13.00: MUMAC presents: Blooming on the E71: Performing the infusion in two steps with Andrea Milioto, MUMAC ACADEMY – Barista Trainer Senior

With Andrea Milioto, Barista Trainer Senior, MUMAC Academy

13.30: MUMAC presents: The Evolution of the International Espresso Menu

With Jonathan Morris, Research Professor in Modern European History, University of Hertfordshire

14.00: Courier Presents: Making money from Coffee (Panel)

With Jeff Taylor, Courier; Sam Harvey, Allpress; David Abrahamovitch, Grind; Carol Deeney, Deeney’s; Phil Wain, Caffeine Magazine

15.00: Specialty coffee as a solution. Using demand for high quality coffee as a tool for sustainable growth

With Richard Corney and Jessie May Peters, Raw Material 

15.30: Paper cup recycling and the circular economy

With Paul Synnot, Paper Cup Alliance & Seda UK and Peter Goodwin, Simply Cups. 


16.05: MAHLKÖNIG Presents: 'Latest grindings'  - New Insights to Grinding and How Hemro Wants to Make your Daily Grind Better

With Daniel Hofstetter, Head of Product Management & Innovation,  Hemro Group

16.30: The Rise of the Coffee Shop Experience 

With Oliver Underwood and Cameron Fry, Liqui Group


FRIDAY 13 april - industry day


10.30: The Importance of Day Part to Coffee Shops: When and Where do Consumers Eat?

With Anya Marco, Executive Director, Allegra World Coffee Portal​

11.30: The 5th Wave: How Scalable is Excellence (Panel)

With With Anya Marco, Allegra World Coffee Portal; David Abramovitch, Grind, Fabio Ferreira, Notes Coffee Roasters and Prue Freeman Daisy Green Food

12.30: Three reasons why the plant-based revolution is changing the coffee scene

With Eric Derie, Alpro


13.00: MUMAC Presents: Bar Termini and Faema E61 - Time Out Best Bar in London 2017: The Coffee Menu and Consistency 

With Marco Arrigo, Head of Quality, Illy/ Euro Food Brands

13.30: MUMAC presents: The Faema E71 and growing a Micro Roastery

With Tom Cozens, Specialty Coffee Roaster, Perky Blenders Coffee Roasters

14.00: Square Presents: Building a Business Around Coffee: Three Founders Share their Stories (Panel)

With Sarah Harvey, Square; Catherine Seay, Curators Coffee, Soho; Dave Sylvester, The Workers’ Cafe, Dalston and Rory Doyle, Three Wheels Coffee, London Bridge

15.00: Well Grounded: A New Approach to Developing Talent and Maximising Potential 

With Eve Wagg, Founder and CEO of Well Grounded, a Specialty Barista Training Academy with a difference; Well Grounded Graduates now working at cafés and roasteries, and Robert Richardson, Co-Founder Notes Coffee


15.30: Developing Brand Rituals & The Future of F&B

With Ibrahim Ibrahim, Managing Director, Portland Design

16.00: Down on the Farm 

With World Champion Barista & Roaster, Tim Wendelboe

16.30: MUMAC & Guests Present: Machines of The Future (Panel) 

Ben Brooker, La Marzocco; Andrew Tucker, Sanremo UK; James Hoffman, Square Mile Coffee Roasters; Rob Ward, La Cimbali UK. 

Chaired by Jonathan Morris, Research Professor in Modern European History at the University of Hertfordshire

18.00: Key Learnings from Setting Up a Cluster of Coffee Shops 

With Edwin Harrison, Co-Founder, Artisan Coffee School

18.30: Espresso Killah - Coldbrew & The Espresso Martini

With Sandows' Co-Founder Hugh Duffie and friends 

19.00 Upcycled Coffee Cocktails

With Miriam Nice, Drinks Expert, BBC Good Food

19.30 Black to the Future: The Future of Coffee Cocktails and their Versatility

With Alix Nardella, Brand Ambassador - UK and Simon Toohey, Brand Ambassador - Australia, Mr Black


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