12-15 April 2018 |Old Truman Brewery,Brick Lane.
  • The True Artisan Café

Are you a true coffee artisan? Or a coffee aficionado?


Either way, come and be inspired by 36 of Europe’s best coffee shops as they deliver coffee with a difference at La Marzocco’s True Artisan Café.
Born out of a desire to provide an internationally renowned platform for baristas and coffee shops to showcase their skills and create signature espresso-based drinks, this creative partnership between Allegra Events and La Marzocco was established in 2011 and is still going strong.


Watch, sample and party on down with the UK's top baristas who'll be joined by live DJs for a full-on party atmosphere.



Paul Kelly from La Marzocco quotes:

'We are at a point where the consumer is starting to really understand what's in the cup! So it's such a pleasure to travel the UK and see so much focus from independent coffee shops on consistently good cups of coffee; their investment and belief in quality is something the whole world of coffee is watching. The UK is leading the coffee culture of Europe, and I find it amazing when you see how many visitors to the festival are from other countries. Long may it continue.'


All proceeds from the True Artisan Café will be donated to Project Waterfall  the Festival's chosen charity.

2017 Signature drinks
we’re still swooning over

Fika Flat White
‘A Burundi single origin flat white made with a cardamom and vanilla milk infusion, served alongside a freshly baked cardamom and vanilla fika from our newly opened artisan bakery.’

Coffee by Tate
The Hockney Hawthorn
‘Inspired by David Hockney’s Hawthorn Blossom Near Rudston; single origin espresso roasted at Tate Britain, paired with 75% cocoa single origin Tanzanian chocolate and hawthorn berry juice served as a rich mousse and garnished with seasonal wild flowers.’

Grey Goose
Grey Goose L’Espresso Martinis

'Four different Espresso Martinis using the Grey Goose Flavour Range.'

Rocket Bean Roastery
'BLUE PILL - cream, sweetened and flavored with infusion of roasted hazel nuts.
RED PILL - Infusion of rhubarb, apples and sweetened with sugar.'

Modern Society
Society Member
'1 shot of espresso, 2 full spoons of sugar, 30 ml of dark rum (little less than a shot), twist of lemon, lots of ice.'

Coffee Architects
The Berry Good Ripple
' double shot of  house espresso, 1 large scoop of Hawksmoo's vanilla ice cream, and 20ml of a summer fruit and muscovado sugar reduction, topped with a miniature strawberry shortbread.' 


Chapter 72
Netflicks & Chill
‘Coffee, Tia Maria and popcorn syrup. Fun, self-indulgent and an unashamedly ‘guilty’ pleasure.’

Iced Dirty Chai​
'Double espresso over ice with a shot of Henny & Joe's Natural Masala Chai syrup.'

GAIL’S Artisan Bakery
Raw Deal
‘Floral and fruity raw cocoa mocha with orange blossom honey.’

Bugan Coffee Lab
'Martini glass, spoon of raspberry syrup, 1/2oz franciacorta brut Uberti, one shot espresso Ethiopia Kana.'

Grind & Co.

Peruvian Cola
'A juicy, refreshing pervuian twist on a Gin & Tonic, this drink is a dead wringer for an old school cola.'

Over Under
Started from the Bottom.
'Shaken espresso, double strained, Over vanilla ice cream with a touch of Over Under Magico.' 

Joe & The Juice
Joe’s Veggie Latte
'Espresso mixed with beetroot juice topped with steamed milk. This is to show the synergy between fresh fruit and coffee. The latte has a sweet and quite mild taste even though the ratio between espresso and milk is almost 1-1.' 


Daily Goods
A Night In Tanzania
‘Our affogato takes its name from the frequently sampled Jazz Standard, A Night In Tanzania. The coffee, roasted by Quarter Horse Coffee and originating from Tanzania, boasts notes of vanilla and caramel which both synchronise beautifully with the sweet vanilla and molasses flavours of JAKE’s Cinnamon Curd spread.’

Coco Di Mama
Coco’s Affogato

'Coco’s creamy vanilla icecream engulfed in a shot of Allpress coffee.' 

Five Elephant
The Elephant Airplane
‘An ode to April, the season of Pimm’s, but with a twist.’

Coffee & Smoke
'A combination of Small Batch Coffee infused Teeling Irish Whisky, Mr Blacks' Cold Pressed Coffee Liqueur & Crème de Mezcal blended with Clotted Cream Ice Cream.'

Coffee #1
Cloud 90
'We are focusing on our current seasonal coffee. Exploring the flavour notes of fruity black cherry with a sweet peanut butter finish.'

Federation Coffee
The Spring Fizz
'A combination of juicy espresso with a twist of syrup and soda. A really refreshing drink for spring!'

65mm Coffee
The Sweet Seduction
'A freshly brewed Rwanda Muhura roasted by Cast Iron Coffee Roasters shaken with Kraken spiced rum, cascara sugar syrup, lemon juice and ice. This sweet drink will lure you back in for just one more!'

Farm Girl Cafe
Yaguara Rose Espresso Martini
'Yaguara Cachaca infused with rose water blended with Roasting Party beans and optional coconut milk.' 

L'enfer du Nord
'L'enfer du Nord "Hell of the North" is a cup full of emotion, crafted to give you a taste of what the cobbled classics riders will endure over their 250km journey from Paris to Roubaix. French and Belgium flavours joined together. When Cointreau meets Belgian Genevers and Allpress Redchurch Espresso meets 70% dark chocolate, this is the result. What a ride!'


Spice Me Up
‘Valrhona cocoa, smashed raspberries, cardamom seed distillate and espresso.'

The Wiretini
‘Coffee from Climpson & Sons paired with bourbon and orangeinfused sugar syrup. Finished with a little chocolate dusting.’

Julius Meinl
Vienna Calling
'Cold brewed Julius Meinl the Originals Rwanda Gicumbi 100 ml, Ginger Ale 80 ml, Freshly sliced lemon, Lemon balm and mint leaves.'

Hoppenworth & Ploch
Raw Cacao Infused Cappuccino
'Name says it all.'

KC Peaches
Sweet Beauty
'Espresso featuring milk chocolate with hints of Berry and Citrus fruit, accentuated with sweet caramel and nuts.' 

Spanish Carajillo Shot
'Espresso, dark rum, smoked orange peel and honey.'

Soho House & Co​.
Frozen Turbo Banana Daiquiri
'Bacardi Carta Blanca, Banana, Origin Espresso, Citrus, Wray & Nephew.'

Foundation Coffee House
Flat White Russian
'Our Flat White Russian is a combination of everyone's favourite espresso-based cocktails - the Espresso Martini and the Irish Coffee - and encompasses all that is exciting about the developmental world of coffee. We're complementing Origin's Bosque with the world's only pure milk vodka from Black Cow and the leading-edge Mr Black Cold Press Coffee Liqueur, and topped with a bit of latte art for good measure.'

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