2 - 5 April 2020 |The Truman Brewery,Brick Lane.
  • The True Artisan Café

a stage for roasters & cafes


Bringing independent roasters and cafes from the UK and overseas to the big weekend, it’s the best offering yet for La Marzocco’s True Artisan Café.


Celebrating independent coffee communities around the world, the True Artisan Café is the beating heart of LCF.
This year, the brilliant coffee shops and roasters taking part will be working their magic on the La Marzocco’s brand new KB90 - their latest innovation in espresso machine technology, featuring a straight-in portafilter for the ultimate workflow. 

Wait there's more - discover not one but two beautiful machines - with some of the coffee shops stepping up to the plate and hosting their takeover sessions on the beautiful Modbar

Meet the artisans one-on-one, indulge in a signature drink,  ask all of your burning questions. So go on, get involved.



The 2019 Signature drink menu


La Marzocco’s rotating café concept brings together coffee luminaries from around the world to create a signature drink exclusively for LCF attendees.The drink has to involve espresso, and be atypical of their style and taste (cocktails obviously encouraged). Expect innovative flavours, epic barista flare and a whole lot of variety.


the 2019 true artisans


/ UK Cafés

Doughnut Thursday by Urban Lauder
Think, macchiato meets a mocha meets a doughnut. And it doesn’t have to be Thursday to enjoy this indulgent treat from Cambridge’s Urban Larder. It can be Friday, or Saturday, or Sunday, or Monday, or… Basically, we’d knock back this double macchiato topped with chocolate cream and a mini doughnut any day of the week.

Chocolate & Coffee Wash Negroni by Over Under Coffee
Everyone loves a negroni, and Kensington’s Over Under Coffee are offering their own take on the crowd-pleasing cocktail. It’s a labour of love: Aperol and Gomme slow-dripped over crushed Assembly Coffee for 24 hours. A splash of chocolate bitters sweetens the deal.

Chocolate Espresso Martini by Ditto Coffee 
Bringing a bit of Liverpool cool to LCF, Ditto - a coffee shop and music label - are sauntering in with their signature in-store cocktail, the Chocolate Espresso Martini. A big hit up north, this remixed classic uses custom-blend espresso as its base, finished with rich chocolate and a surprising floral twist.



/ International Cafés


Sentinel by Bugan Coffee Lab

Zingy, sweet and experimental, Bugan Coffee Lab - hailing from Bergamo, Italy - are injecting their trademark boldness into their signature drink. Made with a base of espresso and vermouth, this plucky little tipple is zinged up with peach juice, cranberry, and cedrate.
Geisha Hot Buttered Rum Cascara Punch by 19 Grams
Berlin may not be known for its tropical climate, but uber-cool café 19 Grams are bringing the sunny vibes by way of their German home. Expect a beachy blend of hot buttered rum, Costa Rican espresso, and Las Lajas cascara, finished with sugar syrup and punched up with tangerine.

Zermatt Espresso Tonic by Zermatt Roastery
Straight from the Swiss mountains, Zermatt Roastery will be showcasing their home-made espresso tonics. Serving up a custom designed tonic water to perfectly match their washed Ethiopian Sidamo espresso –poured over ice.  Simple yet delicious.




the 2019 schedule


/ Thursday 


10:00 | Brunch Session 
/ Kin & Ilk  with Clifton Coffee Roasters
/ Coffee Architects with Small Batch Coffee Roasters
/ Buhler & Co with Climpson & Sons

12:30 | Lunch Time Session 
/ Lomi & Big Mamma
Coco Di Mama with Allpress Espresso
/ Belga & Co

15:00 | Evening Session 
/ Ditto Coffee with Neighbourhood Coffee
/ Over Under with Volcano Coffee Works
Urban Larder with Butterworth & Sons





10:00 | Brunch Session 
/ Familia Osorio Coffee
/ The Breakfast Club with Union Hand-Roasted Coffee
/ Torrefaction Ducasse

13:30 | Lunch Time Session 
/ The Watch House with Ozone Coffee Roasters
/ Joe & The Juice with Löfbergs Coffee
/ Hidden Café

17:10 | Evening Session 
/ Ditta Artigianale
/ Federation with Curve Roasters 


/ saturday 


10:00 | Brunch Session 
/ Coffee Geek and Friends with Allpress Espresso
/ Grind 
/ Zermatt Rosterei

13:00 | Lunch Time Session 
/ 19 Grams/ Tres Cabeza
/ Soho House with Origin Coffee Roasters
/ The General Merchants with White Star Coffee

16:00 | Evening Session 
/ Searcy's with Extract Coffee Roasters
/ 7Gr
/ 640East with Caravan Coffee Roasters




10:00 | Brunch Session 
/ Grön Kafé with North Star Coffee Roasters
/ L’Eto Caffe with Union Hand-Roasted Coffee
/ Stow Coffee Roasters 

13:00 | Lunch Time Session 
/ Fjord Coffee Roasters
/ 65mm Coffee with Cast Iron Coffee Roasters
/ Kimma Coffee

15:30 | Evening Session 
/ The Early Bird Bakery with Hundred House Coffee 
/ Montag Coffee Roasters
/ Bugan Coffee Roasters


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