12-15 April 2018 |Old Truman Brewery,Brick Lane.
  • Rachel's Organic
  • School of Chocolate
  • Coffee Masters
  • Coffee Meets Whiskey
    by La Cimbali
  • Purdey's Get Personal
  • Immerse Yourself
    In UCC Coffee's experiential coffee journey
  • Ultimate Flavour Challenge
  • Pure and Simple
  • Get Better Coffee
  • Strawberries & Milk
  • Moove Over
  • Super-Size Me
  • The Niners
  • Launching in 2018
  • House of Coffee & Co
  • Coffee & Food Pairing

are you up to it?

Like wine, coffee has wide ranging taste notes. Flavour is influenced by several factors from coffee bean varietal, soil, picking and washing method to roasting and freshness. Tastes and aromas found in the coffee range from fruity to nutty, zesty citrus to chocolatey.


Visit The Roastery and as well as live roasting demonstrations you'll be able to challenge your taste buds during Union Hand-Roasted's Ultimate Flavour Challenge. Discover your favourite coffee profile, and take home a bag of  delicious coffee.

Sessions cost just £6 per person, and all proceeds will be donated to Project Waterfall.

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