23 - 26 September 2021 |The Truman Brewery
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Completing the third tier of the festival’s Sustainability Scheme, once again Löfbergs will be collecting used coffee grounds throughout the festival, which they will use to create a feature for the festival next year.

Löfbergs 360

Crucial to Löfbergs’ continued development has been understanding coffee from a circular perspective, ensuring that there is efficiency, responsibility and commitment at all stages of the value chain, from  adapting farming methods to compete with tough climate change challenges to cultivating awareness at consumption. 
Exclusively for The London Coffee Festival, Löfbergs have created an interactive, multi-sensory experience to bring each stage of the chain to life and give visitors a 360° perspective of their sustainable approach to coffee:


Ever dreamed of a trip to origin to witness the harvesting and processing of your favourite varietal? Step into a VR station to experience one of Löfbergs’ arabica plantations in Antioquia, north west Colombia, where they have invested in the future of next generation coffee farmers through education initiatives and direct trade. 




Take a closer, three-dimensional look at the real impact of coffee at the production process of one the world’s most-loved commodities and how it can be affected and improved by the choices made as a consumer. Plus, how Löfbergs are taking responsibility by improving transparency and  creating demand for certified coffee and sustainable packaging Visiting as member of the industry? Work out your sustainability receipt and gain an honest insight into how changing key steps in your own value chain can improve your business’ environmental impact. 



Bringing an essential slice of Sweden to London, take a moment to sit with one another in the Fika Lounge on sustainably-made furniture and enjoy a coffee with scrumptious fikabröd (pastries) made from coffee flour. 


You might not be able to have your cake and eat it, as the old saying goes, but at Löfbergs’ stand you’ll be able to drink your coffee and eat the cup straight after. As well as guilt-free edible cups, roll up your sleeves and get your hands dirty as you learn how to create coffee scrubs using used, unwanted grounds straight from the brew bar. If you’re coming on a trade day, have a go at repurposing old coffee packaging into custom-made coasters to take home.

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