12-15 April 2018 |Old Truman Brewery,Brick Lane.
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The Workshops


It would hardly be fair if we let the Coffee Masters contenders have all the fun now would it?

That’s why we’ve created Coffee Masters The Workshops, a series of immersive activities scheduled to take place between battles. So when you’re not cheering on Cosmin or waving a sign for Sonali, check these out.

BRITA Professional Cupping Challenge

Top baristas around the world are increasingly looking at specifications of water, and how it affects the quality of espresso in the cup. After all, water makes up 95 per cent of an espresso, so it needs to be considered an ingredient too – it has a significant impact on the flavour, aroma, mouthfeel and crema of each coffee. That’s why BRITA’s providing, fresh filtered water to all exhibitors and Coffee Masters contenders throughout the festival.

And you can get involved too; put your senses to the test in BRITA’s Cupping Challenge, by competing in its 10 minute, head-to-head battles. Here’s how it works:

• Competitors are presented with four coffees. They then have three minutes to taste and memorise the order of those coffees before being blindfolded.
• Whilst the competitors are blindfolded, the cupping bowls are topped up with coffee and shuffled around.
• The blindfolds are removed.
• Competitors then have two minutes to taste the coffees again, and put them back into the original order.
• The competitor who puts the most correct bowls back in the fastest time wins.

Simple, no?

If you think you’ve got what it takes and want to sign up to BRITA’s Cupping Challenge, visit the BRITA stand at the show.


Will you push dairy aside and go plant-based with Alpro?

These days, it’s rare to order a coffee without being faced with the option of at least four different types of ‘milk.’ That’s why, as part of this year’s Order Challenge, Coffee Masters contenders will be asked to make one plant-based drink using either Alpro Coconut for Professionals or Alpro Soya for Professionals.

But what exactly will those drinks taste like, and will they be delicious enough to tempt you away from the white stuff? Visit Alpro’s stand and you’ll find out, as  baristas craft you delicious coffees using plant-based milk alternatives. And why not take part  in the ‘Ready, Steady, Coffee’ competition on Friday when you can try your hand at creating beautiful lattes for the chance to win a month’s supply of Alpro’s ‘For Professionals’ range? Simply visit Alpro’s stand before midday to sign up.

At Bonavita’s Brew Bar 

Filter coffee is having a moment, so learn how to brew it properly with experts from Bonavita. They’ll be running workshops throughout the festival, showing you the art of brewing using a whole range of equipment from batch brewers to V Style Drippers. Then, why not test your palate in the Origin Challenge, when visitors will have
the chance to guess where in the world their freshly brewed coffee originates from, and place it correctly on a map? Panama, Colombia, Guatemala…you tell us!


With Faema

Now’s your chance to get up close and personal with real life Coffee Masters contenders as they’ll be taking over Faema’s stand twice a day for 30 minutes. Using Faema’s E61 machines to show off their skills, the contenders will be delivering live demonstrations, serving signature drinks and dishing out specialty coffees. Posters and pens at the ready!

By Mahlkönig

Find out everything you need to know about extraction and flavour at Mahlkönig’s stand, where specialty roasters will be stepping in to give live demonstrations on the K30 PEAK grinder. 

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