23 - 26 September 2021 |The Truman Brewery
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108 Group X Ubermilk

Übermilk imports, sales and maintenance. Delivering the milk steaming revolution to the UK

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19 Crimes

The bold 19 Crimes Australian wine range honours those ‘punished by Transportation’ and sent to Australia as pioneers of a frontier colony. Augmented Reality tells their stories. #BanishConvention


3TEMP Ltd is a 5th wave industry from Sweden that focuses on high-end solutions in design, sustainability and IoT statistics with the products Hipster series coffee machines and brand new innovation CPA. In one and the same Hipster machine, you will get 2.5 liters cold brew in 18 minutes and 2.5 liters warm filter coffee in 6 minutes. The details create the big picture.


9BARISTA. The first jet-engineered stove top espresso machine. 9 bar pressure. 93o C. Uniquely designed to create the perfect brewing pressure and temperature at home. Deliciously simple. Outstandingly clever.

Abel & Cole

Hi, we’re Abel & Cole. We deliver fantastic boxes of organic fruit & veg to homes across the country from farmers we’ve known for donkeys.

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Allan Reeder

We’re a family business, long established in the London area, and well known for our quality assurance, efficient operations and friendly service. So if you need anything dairy – or the vegan or dietary alternatives – we’ll make sure you have it. Day in, day out.

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Allpress Espresso Ltd

Life for Allpress Espresso began as a single coffee cart in Auckland, circa 1989. Our obsession with flavour and the perfect cup initially led to us roasting coffee for our own cart, but quickly evolved into roasting coffee for our friends. The rest is history and we have been supplying great cafés and restaurants around the world ever since.



Alpro, the market leading plant-based brand, will be back at London Coffee Festival this year, showcasing its ‘For Professionals’ range for baristas.
The range, which includes Alpro Soya For Professionals, Alpro Coconut For Professionals and Alpro Almond For Professionals, is specially formulated for use in hot drinks, delivering high-performance workability, delicious flavours and an impressive micro-foam.
This year, Alpro will be giving baristas the chance to try out the ‘For Professionals’ range for themselves, and consumers will get the chance to sample a delicious range of plant-based Alpro drinks, from coconut cappuccinos to almond mochas.
Visitors to the stand will also have the opportunity to find out more about Alpro’s sustainable supply chain. Alpro’s products have outstanding sustainability credentials, with careful sourcing that’s kept as local as possible, no genetically modified produce, a light carbon footprint when it comes to transporting ingredients and products and fully recyclable packaging.

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Amala Chai

Founded by childhood friends in 2019, Amala Chai is on a mission to bring traditional masala chai to the streets of London. Combining family-old recipes with ethically sourced tea and spices from India - Amala Chai is the seminal brand to sample authentic masala chai

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Andronicas introduce here at LCF their new RTD Nitro iced coffee, a perfect addition to any Bar or coffee shop menu. We still sell Astoria Espresso Machines and fresh roast coffee beans.

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Aroma Express

We create premium handcrafted blends, syrups and sauces for the HORECA market worldwide.


Artisan Coffee School

The Artisan Coffee School is an SCA (Speciality Coffee Association) certified training centre. We offer a wide variety of courses that cover everything, from how to brew a better cup of coffee at home to how to set up your own coffee shop!

Assembly Coffee

We believe coffee can be a force for good. We believe in environmentally sustainable and ethically traded coffee and work with partners all over the world who actively engage community-based improvements. Our ethical trading principles ensure that our successes benefit the entire supply chain and beyond, from direct initiatives at origin to local communities here in the UK.

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Astoria MC S.r.l.

Established in 1969, Italian company Astoria designs and manufactures professional coffee machines, which are in over 150 countries across the world.

Bailies Coffee Roasters

At Bailies, our desire is to craft world-class coffee experiences that honour the skilled labour of our farming partners across the globe with dignity and fairness.

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Barista & Co

Based on the South Coast of the UK between forest and sea, Barista & Co is a lifestyle coffee brand that takes influence from the way people live and drink.

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Batch Organics

100% organic and vegan ready-to-blend smoothie kits, allowing you to serve delicious superfood smoothies in under 30 seconds. Designed by chefs, balanced by nutritionists, using the very best ingredients.

Beyond The Bean

With brands Sweetbird, Zuma and Cosy, we provide the café bar industry everything they need to make great beverages. This year we’ll be showcasing our company rebrand and new products.

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Birchall Tea

Birchall is an independent tea company, based in London. Since 2011, they’ve won 47 prestigious Great-Taste Awards and Great Rift, their signature breakfast blend, has won for 8 years-in-a-row! So definitely worth heading to Birchall's stand for a try. 

Black Sense

At Black Sense we focus down on the Indian roots of Chai. Our sirup is manufactured only from the best organic ingredients.

Blak Nektar

We source and supply fresh, tasty ethical coffees - along with all the equipment, training, support and expertise needed to help you get the most from your hot beverage business.


Blue Diamond Almond Breeze

Blue Diamond Almond Breeze, the world's leading almond drink brand, serving up free almond latte's all show & hosting latte art workshops daily at Latte Art Live!


Boca Labo


The Barista’s choice.  Bonsoy soya milk won’t split when steamed, creating latte art. Bonsoy is natural, GM free with no added preservatives. Taste the smoothness in lattes/milkshakes on stand HP29.



Our balls are great tasting, nutritionally balanced and packed with protein!

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Boundless is on a mission to let loose game-changing goodness. We make activated, handy snacks that are big on goodness and bold in attitude. Activating natural foods like nuts and seeds we release their powerful nutrition. Then baking with gutsy blends and spices we pack a Boundless flavour punch.

Brew Tea Co

We're flying the flag for tea drinkers everywhere! Whether you need a strong and milky cup in the morning or want a fresh and punchy iced tea in the summer.

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Brewed By Hand

Brewed by Hand is the leading supplier of Specialty Coffee and Tea products in the UK and the Republic of Ireland. We are the exclusive distributor of the Hario, Loveramics, Wilfa, Felicita, Comandante and Ratio brands, as well as the main distributor of Sttoke, Clockwork Espresso and Cafflano brands.

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Brodies Segafredo Zanetti


BUNN began manufacturing high quality filter coffee equipment in the 1950s and will showcase the key equipment from the current 2020 range at LCF.


Burning Tree

Introducing the latest taste sensation, Rooibos Latte. Our Rooibos is a high grade, finely cut premium tea to create a full-bodied rooibos espresso; the perfect base for delicious Cappuccinos, Lattes and Flat Whites. Rooibos is completely pure and natural; 100% caffeine free with a smooth, full flavour.



BWT – Europe’s leading water technology experts are proud to supply water solutions to the hospitality industry, for: food creation, equipment protection, and the delivery of enhanced hot & cold beverages.

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Cafe de El Salvador

Café de El Salvador, we are a coffee producer countrie with varietys like Pacamara, Bourbon, Pacas, Geshas, Kenyas and ohers with the innovation in the diferents process methods to show the high quality of the Café de El Salvador to the customer. 

Cafè Success & Daily Grind

Start Up A Coffee Shop - with the authors of the Award-Winning #1 Best Selling Coffee Shop Book - 'The Daily Grind - how to open and run a coffee shop that makes money'

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Simply put we bake outstanding, award-winning, handmade cakes for the coffee shop sector. Demonstrated through the innovation into flavour and texture combinations across Traybakes, Traycakes, Loafcakes and flapjacks

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Califia Farms

At Califia Farms, we believe food must be returned to its original nourishing purpose. We create plant based beverages that are delicious, good for you, and good for the planet.

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Calm Drinks

Calm specialise in coffee, cold brew, chocolate and carbonated drinks infused with CBD

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Cawston Press

Cawston Press is made by people who have a love and understanding for creating delicious tasting drinks that you can feel good about drinking. Their journey of pressing fruit began over 30 years ago with the humble apple and has grown from there.


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Circular & Co.

Reducing global waste and protecting our finite natural resources through pioneering circular design. The Circular Cup is the world’s first reusable cup, made from single use coffee cups.


Clearspring is a family business and for over 25 years has pioneered authentic Japanese and Organic Fine Foods. Visit us at stand M25 to discover Clearspring’s authentic Japanese Tea Experience.

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Climpson & Sons

Climpson & Sons: Specialty coffee experts since 2002. Our aim is to continue sourcing, roasting, crafting and sharing the finest specialty coffees from the heart of East London.

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COFE is a state-of-the-art coffee marketplace offering quick access to a wide range of artisanal coffee roasters to franchise coffee houses, the app is a one-stop for all things coffee.

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Coffee Omega UK

Supplier of espresso machines, grinders, and Ubermilk in the UK. Brands include Faema, Victoria Arduino, Mahlkonig, Markibar, Ditting, DIP, Golden Coffee roasters and many more.

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Compak Grinders

Formed by Jesus Ascaso in Barcelona 35 years ago, Compak quickly developed a reputation for crafting beautiful, consistent, and reliable coffee grinders for those who want to be different.

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Conker Spirit

Forget everything you know about Coffee Liqueur - Conker Cold Brew is the real deal without the usual shortcuts; simply forest-grown Grade 1 speciality coffees from Ethiopia and Brazil.

Conti Espresso

Conti have been handcrafting espresso machines in the heart of Monaco since 1956. Our broad portfolio ensures that exceptional espresso really is for everyone.

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Cru Kafe

CRU Kafe are an ethical Organic coffee company based in London.

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Green Specialty Coffee sourcer, based in Belgium.


Curve Roasters

Based in the seaside town of Margate, we are dedicated to responsibly sourcing and roasting exciting and delicious speciality-grade coffees whilst putting their producers in the spotlight.

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Dalston's Soda Co

Dalston's mash and blend natural ingredients together to create great tasting craft sodas bursting with flavour! Real fruit, less sugar, nothing artificial, soda with soul!

Danish Bakery

Decent Packaging UK

Simply made from plants. Transforming packaging into an industry beyond oil.

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No.1 in Espresso coffee makers in 46 countries. We take coffee seriously - Fresh beans, one-touch cappuccino & unlimited personalisation

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Diplomatico Rum

Diplomático rums are carefully crafted from premium sugar cane and use a rich variety of distillation methods. This is combined with the Maestro Ronero’s expertise and excellence in the art of blending, to produce the finest rums.

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DR Wakefield

We are celebrating 50 years of relationships. Sourcing and supplying green coffee around the world, we offer a broad range; from speciality Arabicas to excellent value Robustas. We treat every relationship as unique and are wholly committed to doing business in a way that works best for everyone.

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Dragonfly Tea

A family owned British company with over a hundred years of expertise in sourcing, growing and making the very finest of teas. We travel the globe to bring you the most delicious brews.

Dualit Ltd

British brand Dualit will be showcasing its range of coffee makers and coffee products at the show. New products will include the EcoPress Aluminium Capsule Recycler and Organic Coffee Capsules.

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Dutch Coffee Pack

Dutch Coffee Pack is a supplier of radical, innovative coffee bags from stock and any custom design. From unprinted to hot stamping to exciting designs and materials, we’re your partner!

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Ecoffee Cup

Each year, 100 billion single-use cups end up as landfill. That’s why we created Ecoffee Cup. Light, bright and beautiful to drink from, it’s easy to Choose to Re-use

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English Tea Shop

English Tea Shop is a Sri Lankan tea story infused with British traditions. From the rich and robust to the delicate and fragrant, every cup of English Tea Shop tea celebrates our vibrant community and heartfelt commitment to sustainability.

Esperanza Trading

Distributor of high quality espresso & filter coffee machines and coffee grinders

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Espresso Solutions

Espresso Solutions have been supporting engineers, cafés, coffee roasteries, baristas and coffee professionals since 2012 with a range exceeding over 12,000 lines and products ranging from coffee machine parts to cafe supplies, water treatment, barista tools and more.
The business prides itself on quality products and customer service and are the UK partners to some of the most innovative coffee companies in the world, from Acaia, to Ceado and Fellow. The range of services Espresso Solutions offers includes coffee machine customisations, servicing and maintenance support as well as logistics and product distribution services.

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EUREKA is a leading company in designing and manufacturing modern and elegant coffee grinders since 1920. Our mission is to provide a 100% “Made in Florence” product, entirely hand-assembled in our Florentine factory, where industrial organization is melded to artisanal knowledge with wise mastery.

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The Vision of Eversys is to bridge the gap between traditional Italian coffee equipment and intelligent electronic super-automatic coffee machines. Without any compromise to in-cup quality.

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The fix for the fermentally-fixated. A new disruptive brand of premium kombucha built around flavour, fun and fermentalism. Fix8 is raw, alive and handcrafted in our South London brewery. 3 buzzing flavours, in bottle and on tap: triple ginger, strawberry tulsi (holy basil), citrus saffron.

Gaggia Milano / Evoca

In 1938 Achille Gaggia revolutionised the way aromas are extracted from coffee, allowing customers around the world to experience perfect Italian espresso.
Today we continuously evolve this tradition, developing beautiful and timeless coffee machines.

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Fayrefield Foods

Fayrefield Foods are an independent sales and marketing company specialising in the supply of dairy products, premium added value ranges and dairy-free products. We are one of the UK’s largest independent dairy companies internationally recognised as experts in brand management and innovation.

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Feel Good

Feel Good Ltd is made using Organic, Crushed Green Coffee Beans, our alternative herbal hot drink is high in antioxidants, can aid weight loss and increase your metabolism. Available in 3 different flavours, our unique green coffee drink tastes light and fruity. Unlike conventional coffee, our Green Bean Coffee is prepared in an easy to use coffee bag and is full of goodness.

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Fentimans Ltd

FENTIMANS have been making the finest quality natural, botanical drinks since 1905.  Their award-winning beverages are exquisitely crafted to create a superior taste unlike other carbonated drinks.


Italian company making coffee grinders since 1936.

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Five Elephant

Five Elephant is a specialty coffee roastery in Berlin, Germany. Quality driven, their goal is to source coffees in a way that is mindful of our environmental and social impact.

Flat Brew Ltd

Flat Brew Ltd produces a range of luscious, award-winning espresso and caramel macchiato spreads to be enjoyed on your favourite toast, in your favourite dessert recipe or simply devoured by the spoonful.

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Flora Tea

As Seen On BBC Dragons' Den. Multi-Award winning London based tea company for the unique Flora Tea™ concept, loose leaf tea and glass tea sets. 

Freddie's Flowers

We think flowers are good for the soul! We deliver our gloriously fresh, seasonal arrangements to your door for just £24 a pop!

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Free Heaven

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Freshpac Teas & Coffees, Arkadia Beverages

Established in 1979 we are a family owned and run coffee roaster based in East Anglia.  Showcasing the launch of Australia's favorite hot and cold cafe style beverage brand Arkadia and our direct trade coffee.

Good & Proper Tea

Labour & Wait

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Giesen Coffee Roasters

With complete devotion, we aim to produce the best coffee roasters in the highest quality segment for coffeeshops, roasteries and industrial purposes. The Giesen team takes craftsmanship to the next level.

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Glebe Farm Foods

Glebe Farm Foods is a grower and manufacturer of gluten free oats, oat flours, cereals, granolas - and a new, gluten free and dairy free oat drink; PureOaty!

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Good & Proper Tea

Good & Proper are London-based tea specialists, focused on sourcing and curating a collection of award-winning, single-origin teas from around the world. As well as inspiring tea-drinkers at home, they also work with some of the UK’s best cafes, restaurants and hotels to ensure the best possible flavour in every cup.

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Good Earth

Good Life Coffee

Good Life Coffee is a multi-award-winning independent London based coffee roasting company. We pride ourselves on the exceptional quality coffee we buy, import, roast, and deliver to independent cafes & speciality coffee lovers.

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Gruppo Cimbali

Halo Coffee

Halo's home compostable capsules exists because compromise shouldn’t. Because when given the choice between what is best for us and what is best for the world, we didn’t see a choice at all.

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Happy Happy Soy Boy

Premium soy for that smoother tasting latte, Perfect balance with superior taste. Made from 5 natural ingredients, with no nasties, crafted for coffee. Get Happy!

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We're a specialty coffee roaster based in rural Staffordshire who pride ourselves on long-term relationships with producers. We roast to order, we deliver fresh and we're always ready to help.

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Hello Good Sip

Authentic Masala Chai, Cacao and Shrooms Chai, Tumeric Super Latte, Beetroot Super Latee, Organic Matcha & Adaptogens.
Created in Denmark. Crafted in England.
Dairy free and vegan friendly

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HelloFresh make it easy for you to cook delicious dinners from scratch. Choose your favourite recipes from a weekly menu and they’ll deliver all the fresh, pre-portioned ingredients you need to cook them direct to your door.

Hundred House Coffee

Hundred House’s characterful blends and single origins from sustainable growers in Africa and Central/South America are perfect for cultured coffee drinkers—with sales supporting the creative community through its Art+Industry programme.

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IKAWA are the inventors of the world’s first digital micro coffee roaster. Their aim is to connect the coffee world, make roasting more accessible, and increase knowledge within the industry.

Indie Bay Snacks

Indie Bay Snacks are reinventing the classics. Using superfoods, alternative grains and natural ingredients, they're creating smarter snacks that leave you feeling positively fulfilled. Welcome to #HappySnacking.

InterAmerican Coffee

We are one of Europe’s leading specialists in high-quality green coffees We have been importing and distributing the finest specialty coffees from all over the world since the year 2000. Working in close collaboration with local long-term partners and sister companies within Neumann Kaffee Gruppe (NKG) at the origin, we commit to meticulous quality control starting at the farms and continuing through shipping to ourselves or customers and the quality lab.

Isi GmbH

Join the revolution with the new iSi Nitro System. iSi Nitro Whip and iSi Nitro Charger are used together to prepare barista quality Nitro Cold Brew Coffee. Nitro Coffee is created by infusing Cold Brew Coffee with pure nitrogen gas. The nitrogen infusion results in a rich, flavorful brew with a naturally creamy texture and a velvety foam head. For the preparation of Nitro Coffee, Tea and Cocktails and other Nitro-infused creations.

Italian Beverage Company

Italian Beverage Company (IBC) are British manufacturers, who sell and distribute a range of products to the food service industry including Simply Syrups, Simply Smoothies, Simply Sauces and more. 

Jaramillo Cafe

Today, five generations later, the Jaramillo family continues to harvest the very finest coffee from the lush green slopes of the Coffee Triangle in Colombia – a true family business where expert knowledge and techniques have been handed down across the generations.

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Jimmy's Iced Coffee

JURA Products Ltd

Super premium Swiss speciality bean to cup coffee machines from JURA are associated with the best in cup coffee result, the simplest operation and stunning design.

Kafea Terra

Kafea Terra has pioneered highlighting the values ​​of an emblematic authentic espresso, creating a highly trained and dedicated sales team, implementing a dynamic and energetic marketing strategy, coupled with service, technical support and high standards training.
Dimello is delivered fresh all over the world with a quality guarantee.
Export Destinations: Germany, Jordan, Romania, Bulgaria, London, Turkey, Dubai, Cyprus, France.

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The world's first barista standard reusable cup. In 2009 we created the solution to a problem. Ten years later we are leading the charge to ensure the world no longer needs, wants or uses single-use coffee cups.

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Kimbo UK

Opened in 2010 the UK subsidiary serves our amazing coffee to clients right across the UK. Our Neapolitan coffee can be found in restaurants, coffee shops and online at Mykimbo.co.uk

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Kind Snacks

KIND make premium whole fruit & nut bars bound together with honey. Naturally high in protein & fibre and all gluten free, they make the perfect on the go snack!

Kokoa Collection

Kokoa Collection single origin hot chocolate. We supply coffee shops, venues and foodservice sites across UK with our distinctive award winning collection. Premium sourced tablets of real chocolate – White Ivory Coast, Smooth 58% Venezuela, Classic 70% Ecuador, Dark 75% Haiti and Darkest 82% Madagascar plus 32% powder and Flakes Sao Tome and Dominican Republic. Visit us in the “Soho” area. 

Kopi House

UK's First and Only Singapore 'Nanyang Kopi' company. Artisan Roasted Coffee, Tea Dust, Brewing Kit and more.

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Korte Chocolate

Chocolate is a culture, growing by becoming a part of people and their culture. Growing alongside specialty coffee culture, our first unique creation is the powdered origin chocolates designed originally for drinks, as a sinful indulgence and a reflection of the farmer’s passion.

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Kudu Coffee Roasters

LA Brewery Kombucha

Expertly brewed kombucha by Louise Avery in Suffolk, England.

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La Cimbali

Gruppo Cimbali is the largest manufacturer of espresso machines in the world. Producing both Traditional and Automatic machines using over 100 years of experience, focussing on machine performance and reliability whilst delivering optimum taste and quality.

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La Marzocco

La Pavoni


Established in 1895 in Turin, the Italian coffee company has been owned by the Lavazza family for four generations. 

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Leder Welt Frankfurt

Leder Welt Frankfurt
We are small leatheraccessoires producer. We are from Frankfurt Germany and we produce aprons, bags, coaster and a lot other leather and fabrics stuff. We also produce bespoke products. 


Lemonaid & Chari Tea

Lemonaid & ChariTea are ethical soft drinks how they should be. Squeezed from organic fruits without squeezing the growers. In addition to Fairtrade, every bottle sold supports social projects in the farming regions with over £4m raised.


Lincoln & York

Experts in sourcing, roasting and packing, we’re the people behind hundreds of coffee blends across the UK and Europe. With over 25 years roasting experience, we're your perfect coffee partner. 

Liquid Sunshine

Delivering delicious Alchemy Superfood Elixirs to the UK, truly revolutionary in taste and quality.

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Little Jack Horner's

 Little Jack Horners Ltd make really good sausage rolls. All free-range/organic meat comes local East Somerset smallholdings and farms. L.J.H ship nationwide. SALSA accredited. Multiple Great Taste winner. Vegetarian options available.

Lo Bros Kombucha


Löfbergs is one of the Nordic region’s biggest family-owned coffee businesses. Established in 1906, the Löfbergs group specialise in roasting ethical and sustainable coffee from around the world.

Lost Sheep Coffee

Lost Sheep Coffee is a Speciality roastery based in Kent's vibrant seaside town of Whitstable, lovingly hand roasting in small batches to ensure the absolute best quality every time. Making Speciality Coffee Accessible.

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Lotus Bakeries

Lotus Biscoff is the nation’s favourite coffee accompaniment, thanks to its unique taste, which has been developed to complement the flavour of coffee. Over 120 million biscuits are enjoyed each year, with Lotus Biscoff viewed by baristas as the only biscuit to offer with a skilfully prepared cappuccino or latte. As the popularity of Lotus Biscoff continued to grow, further products have been launched, including Lotus Biscoff spread and ice cream.

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Love Cocoa

Inspired by our founder’s great-great-great grandfather John Cadbury, Love Cocoa aim to make the best chocolate in Great Britain, in a way that's loved by you, the planet, and its people.

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LoveRaw was launched in 2013 by Rimi Thapar, with the aim of proving that not all vegan food is made equal, and to put a big focus on the importance of diet and feeling great. LoveRaw makes delicious, kick-ass, all-vegan, 100% natural, premium chocolate snacks using organic Fairtrade chocolate, the finest gluten free ingredients, no palm oil, no dairy and no compromise!

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Machina Coffee Roasters

Edinburgh based roastery focused on making great coffee accessible to everyone. Sourcing coffee from some of the world's most exciting origins, we bring people the most interesting names, ethically sourced and always fully traceable.

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Marco Beverage Systems Ltd

Marco Beverage Systems designs, manufactures, sells and supports water systems and coffee brewers.

For over 30 years we have supported the global speciality, commercial coffee and HORECA industries with our precise, energy-efficient and innovative hot and cold water systems and coffee brewers.

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Martin Frobisher's Juice

We toast our tipples to Martin Frobisher, that most fervent of fruiterers! He sailed the 16th-century seas discovering formidable, premium fruitage which he bashed and bottled to embolden his crew.

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Matcha and Beyond

Matthew Algie

Matthew Algie source and supply fresh, tasty ethical coffees - along with all the equipment, training, support and expertise needed to help you get the most from your hot beverage business.

Maverick Coffee Company

Maverick Coffee Company are the UK distributor and go-to store for reusable coffee capsules, compatible with Nespresso and Dolce Gusto coffee pod machines.

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Mighty Green Coffee

Mighty Pea

Introducing Mighty Pea M.lk, a smooth and creamy, dairy-free alternative to milk that’s high in protein and made from small but MIGHTY yellow split peas (nope, not the green ones!).
Mighty Pea M.lk packs in way MORE protein and calcium than regular plant milk, whilst being free from nuts, dairy and soy - plus our split peas are super sustainable meaning our Mighty M.lk has a tiny carbon footprint!
Our new Mighty Pea Barista M.lk is a mix of pea and oat, making it a vegan barista dream. Pea has a nutty, creamy flavour, the closest in taste to cow’s milk but without the fattiness while the oat gives it a great froth & foam.

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Milkadamia...the latest dairy alternative. Uniquely made from raw, not roasted macadamia nuts from Australia for a smooth, milky taste that froths beautifully. Gluten free, cholesterol free and vegan!

Minor Figures

Minor Figures creates great innovative plant-based products for coffee lovers, baristas, and for a better planet, from their micro brewery in East London. While Oat M*lk and Cold Brew Coffee are their specialities, they also do other stuff like surfboards, latte art throw downs and socks.


Miss Teasmith

Small batches of Sri Lankan tea hand blended with herbs, spices and flowers. Full and punchy flavours, not for those seeking weak teas.

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Mo Coffee

High-tech coffee company that supplies unique and global solutions in High-grade and Specialty coffee

Mode Cold Brew

Swedish coffee startup Mode Cold Brew offers the best cold brew coffee for professionals who are looking for a smooth way to enjoy high quality coffee drinks in a sustainable way.

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Modern Standard Coffee

We care about making great coffee from source to cup. We blend our experience and knowledge of speciality roasting with efficient and innovative production. Great coffee for everyone, that’s the Modern Standard.

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MOMA Foods

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With over 100 years of experience, MONIN has become an internationally-acclaimed premium drinks expert. Delivering innovative, gourmet flavour solutions, our portfolio includes syrups, fruit mixes, sauces, frappes and liqueurs

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Mörk Chocolate

We work with the purest form of chocolate, cacao liquor, and the finest cocoa powder to create our chocolate blends. All of which are made in small batches to ensure consistency and freshness.


Mulmar Foodservice Solutions

Mulmar is an equipment provider of choice with our headquarters based in Hatfield, Hertfordshire. We have built a strong reputation for providing quality food service solutions to a cross section of market-leading catering and retail customers. As specialists in the supply and maintenance of espresso coffee machinery, we retain some of the world’s finest manufacturers in our portfolio.
We are pioneers that bring together the heart and soul of the coffee industry in the UK.

Natur All

Passionate about Veggies. 
Enjoy our delicious plant-based drinks (of course including a whole Barista range) 
Come change the world with us!


North Star Coffee Roasters Ltd

Established in 2013, North Star is a coffee company based in Leeds focused on maximising the opportunity coffee can present for both consumers and producers around the world

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Novus Tea

Nuova Simonelli

Nutty Bruce

Oatly UK Ltd

Oatly is a Swedish company and the original maker of nutritious and sustainable liquid oat drinks which provide a plant-based alternative to traditional cow's milk.

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Meet OFFBLAK. A rebellious, London-based tea brand delivered through the letterbox. Whether you want to Fully Charge, Glow, or go Caff Free, they have the tea for your lifestyle!

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A super tasty plant-based and biodegradable chewing gum made with NO plastic, NO sugar and only natural flavours. A chic and sustainable alternative to regular plastic-filled gum.

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Origin Coffee Roasters

Blending science and senses with ritual and experimentation. Obsessing over every detail and measuring quality at every stage. The story behind every cup is unique and Origin Coffee Roasters thrive on sharing these stories with you.

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Pact Coffee

Pact Coffee is a speciality coffee company, buying straight from the source and delivering direct to your door. From the farm, to the roastery, to you. Paying farmers 25-125% above Fairtrade rates, every bean is speciality grade and expertly roasted - for the perfect finish, every time.

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Pasticceria Venezia

Pelicano Coffee House




Peppersmith creates mints and gum sweetened with 100% plant based xylitol to help keep teeth healthy. Full of actively good, naturally derived ingredients. No chemical nasties or animal derived junk.

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PLOT Roasting

PLOT Roasting are based in Woolwich, London.
We focus on roasting single origins sourced from farmers who we know and love. We like to do things properly; roast, taste, repeat.

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POP is all about celebrating the heroic power of the humble peanut. We only use air-roasted peanuts in our protein bars for their taste, health and environmental benefits. POP bars are vegan, refined sugar free and contain 40% less sugar than similar healthy snack bars.

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Prana Chai

All the ingredients are natural and all the ingredients are good for you, it’s an honest product. We do not use machines, additives or preservatives to ensure the Prana (life force) in our product stays intact.



At Provamel we believe in a world where food comes from the land. Nothing artificial. Only what nature intended. Nothing more, nothing less. All our products are organic* and plant-based.

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Purabon is about taking something undeniably healthy and making it so delicous, you almost mistake it for a guilty pleasure. It's clean eating that doesn't have to scare you away - quick, convenient, and delicous solutions to everyday snacking!

QU Espresso

QU Espresso is the official representative of Hausbrandt espresso, with a great range of outstanding blends from 100% Arabica. Additionally, we represent the espresso project Qualita Unica, premium blends that provide a unique espresso experience.


QU Espresso Ltd

QU ESPRESSO is a coffee company which represents it's own tailor made blends(Qualita Unica) and the Italian company Espresso Hausbrandt Trieste 1892. 

Quarter Horse Coffee

Quarter Horse is the first coffee roastery/cafe in Birmingham.  Quarter Horse supplies speciality coffee, training, and mentoring to wholesale partners.  You can purchase freshly roasted coffee and equipment on the webshop or in the cafe.

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Quick Mill


Radnor Infusions

The source of Radnor Hills lies in the old county of Radnorshire in Mid Wales. In this very under populated area, the water is able to filter naturally through layers of rock to achieve its exceptional taste and purity. As you enjoy our products you will be consuming one of the natural wonders of Mid Wales.

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Rancilio Group Spa

Rancilio Group manufactures and sells professional coffee machines in over 100 countries worldwide through the Italian headquarter, 5 branches, 2 R&D centers, and a global sales and service network.

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rCUP is the UK's first reusable coffee cup made from used paper cups that's leak proof, lasts 10 years and 100% recyclable. rCUP is made by ashortwalk, a circular design practice creating products from waste materials.

Rebel Kitchen

Rebel Kitchen is revolutionizing food for everyone: Healthy alternatives that taste mind-blowingly good. We question received wisdom and demand that we all rethink our unsustainable approach to health, nutrition, consumption, agriculture and manufacturing.

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Remedy Drinks

Sarah and Emmet Condon started Remedy on their kitchen counter. Our drinks are made the old-school way: small batches, long-aged brewed. The result is the tastiest, healthiest range of fizzy drinks going around.


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Rude Health

Rude Health are proud to introduce Barista Almond and Barista Oat. Both are dairy-free and made with quality organic ingredients so that they blend seamlessly with coffee, in perfect velvety harmony. Coffee, meet your match.

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Real Food Protein Bar. Made with a few simple ingredients: egg whites for protein, dates to bind, nuts for texture (and everything else for taste).

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Rythm 108

Rhythm108 is a vegan snack brand that reinvents well-loved traditional treats into healthier alternatives using free-from ingredients, offering a range of vegan-friendly and gluten-free Snack Bars, Chocolate Bars and Tea Biscuits.

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Sage Appliances

Kitchen appliances manufacturer


Zero to top UK brand in 14 years! We're the sole importer of Sanremo Coffee Machines, hand-assembled with meticulous care in Treviso, Italy. Sanremo has a forward-thinking approach to coffee machine development ensuring our unique position as one of the fastest-growing espresso machine manufacturers. Come and see the Sanremo Cafe Racer in action- the official machine sponsor for the World Latte Art Championships.

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Scotsman Ice

The industry’s only complete solution for highly efficient, superior-performing ice systems,Scotsman offers the largest selection of ice types. Ice is our only passion, it’s at the heart of everything we do!



Shakewells produce frozen espresso drink called "Slush Espresso". It's made from speciality coffee beans, sold frozen and served as an espresso sized slushie. Full of flavour and surprisingly refreshing, Shakewells Slush Espresso is perfect as an after-dinner drink or a cocktail mixer!



Slayer Espresso Machines

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Sloane's Hot Chocolate

Sloane's make posh hot chocolate for coffee shops offering a range of blends from our signature Smooth Milk 34% and Rich Dark 57% to our Single Origins and Seasonal Blends.  

Smeg UK

Smeg and La Pavoni have joined forces to debut their iconic domestic and commercial coffee machines, milk frothers and grinders at London Coffee Festival for the first time in 2020. Discover their high performance Italian designs on stand H08.

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SoL Cups

SoL Cups are a plastic-free company, specialising in beautiful hand-blown glass coffee cups and water bottles. We are for ending waste and embracing taste. Happy, healthy, sustainable and stylish, SoL designed our products using materials that keep the heat in and the nasties out.


Sproud: where taste and sustainability come together. A plant-based alternative to dairy, with the closest taste to milk and the lowest carbon footprint. Vegan. Clean. Delicious.

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Stores Supply

We supply the UK's thriving community of independent coffee shops and restaurants with a curated set of brands and products.


Sweet Revolution

“Outrageously good” Superblend lattes available in 6 delicious flavours. Made with ethically sourced superfoods and spices that are 100% organic, vegan-certified and free from refined sugar, gluten & caffeine.

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Curiously crafted sparkling blends of spring water, refreshing fruit juices, botanical extracts, invigorating organic apple cider vinegar and sweetened with a drop of honey. Unconventional, delightful and award winning! 

Taf Coffee

Taf is a network of people that love coffee. We make sure that to your cup you get only the finest coffees, through Direct Relationships with farmers, high quality standards, skillful roasting and well-rounded training

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Taylors of Harrogate

Taylors of Harrogate’s experimental micro-roastery. We collaborate with our partners around the world to source, roast and deliver unique, rare and boundary-pushing coffee. Small batches. Big Flavours.


teapigs are on a mission to get the nation drinking real tea. By real tea, they mean big, whole leaves, whole herbs, whole berries, whole spices… no dust in sight!


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Award Winning retail and wholesale premium TEAS, sourced from across the world. Loose Leaf, Tea Bags, Bottled TEAS, and beautiful accessories.

The Barista Cup Ltd

The Barista Cup - The Coffee Machine in a Cup. Brews fresh grounds in minutes. Simply add hot water, fresh grounds, milk and sugar to taste,  secure the lid and go.

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The Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia

The Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia proudly present (4/5) of best coffee suppliers that come along from Indonesia and bring the best coffee bean as one of the hidden treasure of Indonesia to be introduced in LCF 2020

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The Estate Dairy

Suppliers of the highest quality dairy produce. 

The Good Till Co

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The GUTsy Captain

Organic and natural fermented drinks to help your body and mind navigate through life.

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The Roasting Party

Tick Tock Tea

Tony's Chocolonely

Tony's Chocolonely exists to end slavery in the chocolate industry. Their mission is to make 100% slave free the norm in chocolate. Are you in? Crazy about chocolate, serious about people.

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The UK's fastest growing plant-based snack brand, inspired by a 1,000 mile run across Eastern Europe to fight human trafficking. TRIBE produce protein and energy bars made from high quality natural ingredients.

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Trip Drink

Take a TRIP to find your calm amidst the everyday chaos. CBD infused botanical beverages that pack a punch on flavour and functionality. No added sugar, vegan & less than 19 kcals per can, TRIP blends adaptogens with CBD including ginseng, turmeric and lemon balm so you can feel great.


Union Hand-Roasted Coffee

Sourcing, roasting, living and loving good coffee since 2001. We find and work directly with talented farmers, paying them a fair price so they can invest in their farm, families, and workers. We only sell speciality coffee scoring 84 or above on SCAA’s scale, and hand-roast it in small batches in East London to create the perfect cup.

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Unrooted Fresh Energy

UpCircle Beauty

UpCircle are pioneering the by-product beauty movement. Each of their skincare products is made from a core repurposed ingredient!  Their coffee range has saved 130 tonnes of coffee grounds from landfill!

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Upper Coffees

Upper Coffees is more than speciality coffee!
Join our coffee and epic adventure tours...!
The mountains of Caparaó and Matas de Minas  - Brazil 

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Urnex offer the largest range of cleaning solutions for the modern coffee industry. Grinders, roasting equipment, espresso machines, bean to cup and capsule machines; whatever your cleaning needs, Urnex has the product for you.

V-Cool Milk Coolers

V-Cool presents its new, extended range of milk coolers for 2020 that are used by most of the leading coffee machine manufacturers throughout Europe.

Volcano Coffee Works

We believe coffee can be a force for good. We believe in environmentally sustainable and ethically traded coffee and work with partners all over the world who actively engage community-based improvements. Our ethical trading principles ensure that our successes benefit the entire supply chain and beyond, from direct initiatives at origin to local communities here in the UK.

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Wholey Moly

Wholey Moly is a new healthy cookie, with ambitions to kill that pesky 3pm sugar slump with a treat that tastes indulgent but feels good, and without any rubbish in it.

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Willie's Cacao

Willie’s Cacao makes some of the best chocolate and hot chocolate in the world. It is all craft made in small batches from single estate cacaos and 100% natural ingredients.

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YES! Snacks


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