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  • Company: Jacob Alejandro

Born and raised in Guatemala City, Alejandro’s coffee journey began as a head coffee trainer from 2008-2012 at an up-in-coming coffee chain in Guatemala City. There, he oversaw all the coffee training and cafe Q.C. for the company’s expanding 27 cafes. During that time, he trained and lived on a coffee farm in Atitlan spending six months learning from farmers the hands-on hard work that goes into processing coffee. There, his passion for coffee took flight and he knew he wanted a career in coffee.

Today, he and his husband own 2 coffee shops in Upstate New York, in the United States called Jacob Alejandro and JA. Pequeño (little Jacob Alejandro). There he trains his team and works with many coffee roasters around the US & Europe to share with his community. Alejandro says that coffee has changed his life in so many ways, connecting him with amazing people who inspired him to be a better version of himself.

Are there any specific disciplines in the competition that you're particularly excited about?
Espresso blend

Notable achievements or awards in the coffee industry:
Opening a coffee shop during the pandemic next to my number one fan (my husband) This has been a challenge and a privilege and is an achievement I'm so proud of. We were voted best in the Hudson Valley (New York) and I won best Cold Brew at the Chicago cold brew competition in 2022. 

Alejandro's signature drink - Pleasures Of The World

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