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  • Company: Coffeenativ Roastery

I began my journey in the hospitality industry 14 years ago. For the past 9 years, I've been fully dedicated to specialty coffee, immersing myself deeply into the vibrant world of coffee culture. I started to work with specialty coffee at Origo Coffee Bucharest 9 years ago , but it quickly evolved into a passionate pursuit of excellence. In 2016, I won the title of Brewers Cup Champion for Romania, marking a pivotal moment in my career. Since then, I have continuously challenged myself by participating in numerous competitions, both in the brewers cup championship and barista championship, and now in Coffee Masters (a competition that I eagerly awaited the opportunity to compete)

Driven by a desire to impart my knowledge and expertise, I now serve as an authorized trainer at Origo Coffee Academy Bucharest . This role allows me to share my insights with budding baristas, nurturing their skills and passion for coffee. Additionally, I've started consulting, using my extensive experience to help businesses with all things coffee-related. My manifesto encapsulates my ethos: drink coffee, make coffee, learn coffee, teach coffee! It’s a never-ending, never-boring process.

Are there any specific disciplines in the competition that you're particularly excited about?
The order.

What do you believe sets you apart from other baristas?
I am passionate about coffee and hospitality, and I strive to innovate ways to amaze consumers not only with the drinks but also with the details surrounding their experience. I aim to create the "WOW" effect whenever possible.

Bianca's signature drink - Peach Fuzz Blush

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