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My name is Miruna and I love to convert the complexity of a coffee into an easy to follow conversation with my guests. In my journey as a barista that started in 2018, I am thankful for gracefully interacting with coffee. With each interaction, I translate the intricate world of coffee into accessible dialogue, inviting my guests to explore its nuances easily. Sharing ideas with everyone through this competition is pushing me to experiment and to learn constantly. Embracing these feelings, is what keeps me motivated.

In my role, I cherish the graceful effort demanded when engaging with coffee - whether it's brewing the perfect cup or discussing its origins and flavours. As I navigate the journey as a barista, I embrace opportunities for growth and innovation. With ease, I blend the complexities of both worlds of cocktails and coffee transforming each encounter into a delightful fusion of flavours and experiences. Whether crafting the perfect espresso or creating innovative cocktails, I embrace the challenge of mixing diverse ingredients and techniques to create harmonious blends that captivate the senses.

Are there any specific disciplines in the competition that you're particularly excited about?
The order

Describe an innovative coffee creation or technique you use that isn't commonly used or known
I have degrees as a Cook, Bartender and Barista and my coffee drinks are always a mix of those 3 . I always try to include some cooking into a drink, always use bartending skills while guided by the coffee taste. 

Miruna's signature drink - Beginning

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