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  • Company: Formative Coffee Ltd. (London)

Hi there! I’m Ruby Chen, the barista and assistant roaster at Formative Coffee in London. Originally from Taiwan, my coffee journey kicked off five years ago in Australia, and it's here in London that I've really honed my skills. Inspired by past contestants and champions, I see Coffee Master as a fun way to test myself and just have a good time! Beyond coffee, catch me playing around in the kitchen, enjoying nature, and diving into art. See you at The London Coffee festival then!

Are there any specific disciplines in the competition that you're particularly excited about?
Signature drink

What do you believe sets you apart from other baristas?
What sets me apart is a mix of passion, dedication, and experience. I'm not just a barista; I'm a dreamer and creator who knows how to execute ideas.

Ruby's signature drink - After 17

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