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Tetsuya Yamada has been working in the coffee industry since 2015, gaining experience in coffee cultures worldwide.He began his professional career at ONIBUS COFFEE in Tokyo, one of Japan's premier coffee shops. Seeking further growth and experience, he moved to London in 2020, where he worked as Head Barista at Climpson & Sons before later having the opportunity to serve world-class coffee daily at LOWDOWN in Edinburgh.

From 2023, he worked as Head of Coffee at Darcy’s Kaffe in Copenhagen, where he undertook a wide range of responsibilities including staff education, recipe development, recruitment, and event participation while also working behind the bar. Currently, he is preparing to start his next career somewhere around the world, seeking further exploration in coffee. He secured 2nd place in London Coffee Masters 2023.

Are there any specific disciplines in the competition that you're particularly excited about?
Signature drink

What do you believe sets you apart from other baristas?
I believe the difference lies in the experience as a barista and the passion invested in Coffee Masters. I resonate with the fundamental concept underlying this competition, which involves presenting a presentation to judges similar to how a barista serves customers in a cafe. I am currently working on the ground as a barista and take pride in continuously crafting coffee at the shop. It might be somewhat uncommon among competitors to still hold the position of a barista. Derived from the experience gained through the number of coffees made and tasted, I have absolute confidence in my knowledge and skills in Brewing and Cupping.

Tetsuya's signature drink - Wabi Sabi


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