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Celebrating independent coffee visionaries, La Marzocco’s rotating coffee shop brings together local coffee communities and allows them to share innovative ideas whilst creating drinks exclusively for visitors of LCF. 

The True Artisan Café is an original “pop-up” rotating coffee shop concept that La Marzocco created to celebrate the visionaries and pioneers in the independent coffee community. The format made its debut at London Coffee Festival 2012, taking home an award for “Key Feature” and one for “Best Stand Design”.

It has since been a firm festival highlight, guaranteeing guests a festival worthy environment, in one of the busiest zones of The Truman Brewery.

As in previous years, the signature drink can be anything and include anything. The only rule – they must contain Espresso. Unusual ingredients are welcomed!

Drinks aren’t charged but donations to the events official charity of choice, Project Waterfall, are encouraged.

The True Artisan Café aims to provide independent coffee shops with the opportunity to showcase their brand, and to engage and educate the general public on their work and skills. The True Artisan Café is a creative platform to introduce new ideas whilst cultivating the community.




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