COFFEE MASTERS 2024: Where Passion Meets Precision

Welcome to Coffee Masters 2024, the ultimate showcase of skill, knowledge, creativity, passion and personality in the world of coffee. 

Judged by a panel of industry figureheads, the fast-paced knockout battle format of Coffee Masters will see 16 baristas showcase their skills head-to-head across a broad range of disciplines. Each competitor will bring their unique blend of talents to the forefront, making this competition a celebration of the multifaceted artistry that defines a true Coffee Master.

Entry form deadline: Closed
Shortlist announced: 19.01.24
Video Submission: 12.02.24
Competitors announced: 21.02.24




We've revamped the entry process, with only shortlisted applicants required to create an entry video. Sign-up closes on the 14th of January and on the 19th of January we will announce our shortlisted competitors, who will demonstrate their skills by submitting a video showcasing a signature drink, giving the judges a glimpse of the magic they could bring to the stage in London.

Additionally, we are excited to announce enticing prizes for not just the winner but for all 16 finalists. Recognising the exceptional efforts of our participants, the prizes are as follows:


1st Place

1st Place:

The pinnacle of the competition deserves an extraordinary reward. The Coffee Masters champion, in addition to the title and glory, will receive £2,000 as a symbol of our appreciation for their unparalleled skills and dedication.



2nd Place

2nd Place:

Securing a spot on the podium is an outstanding achievement, and we want to recognize the exceptional efforts of our 2nd place winner. In addition to their well-deserved placement, they will receive an extra £600, a testament to their commitment to pushing the boundaries of coffee mastery.



Runner Up

For the 16 Finalists:

Every finalist has poured their heart and soul into the art of coffee craftsmanship, and we want to honour their dedication. Each of the 16 finalists will receive £150, acknowledging the hard work that has brought them to the forefront of the competition.


£150 Each


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